Date: 24/05/2014



Our Country, though was being plundered since 320 B.C. when Alexander from Greece invaded us , but there had Not been so much plundering till about 10th Century ; but after the advent of Islam it increased manifold till MUGHALS Ruled over us but as Islamic Rulers including MUGHALS were more indulging in taking away all the possible beautiful girls & enjoying them by forcing them into Their "Harems" in THOUSANDS , further loot of our Wealth & Women started During British, Portugese & French Rules who forced our Plantation working women and Indian Managers' Women for their insatiable Sex LUST & GREED . They used to have Cruel Prisons in Each of Such Estates for torturing Indian men & women , who ever opposed them .

All over their Rules , they had made a law that any Hindu or Indian embracing Christianity , he or she & their families were sanctioned to receive State Protection & permanent Monthly Salaries for working in their interest as it was during Islamic Rule for the Muslim Converts ;but the British & Purtugese had made it a law that it is their BirthRight to Convert the Hindus & Hindu temples into CHRISTIANITY & Churches by any Means . These signs of Hindu Temples converted into Churches could very well be seen in the floorings of the old depleted & discarded churches , also showing the signs of Christian Cruelties over our Hindus in 16th, 17th & 18th centuries , specially in Goa & Kerala.

The Britishers had also created a class which was better known as ANGLO-INDIANS , ANGLO- Goans to satisfy their Sexual lust etc and had passed laws & regulations that it is perfectly in order to Convert Hindus into Christianity per force & torture also ; whereas Muslims were still continuing in increasing their Muslim population In India by forcing & abducting Hindu Girls & converting them into ISLAM specially Hindu Widows,specially in Bengal.The Conversion by Christians is still continuing through their Central Organisation : Bishops Conference of India , Sardar Patel Chowk, New Delhi in the north and in Fnorth east & south India through its various other Christian branches in several towns .

Plundering of our Land , Property & Wealth by the Britishers : Since the British Had ruled over us in The most Cruel Ways , destroying our all the industries , Skills, Artisans & every Good Social & HONEST & SIMPLE Administrative System through our "GRAM- PANCHAYATS " ( VILLAGE COUNCILS ), the damage & demoralisation & ANTI - NATIONALISM caused by the BRITISHERS TO US is UNPARALLELED in Our History , instead they had Introduced & had propagate feudalism of Zimindari, Talukdari etc making & crushing our poor Farmers further into ever Hunger & Famines ,worst ever known in the history of Mankind as their motto was to keep our farmers in perpetual bondage as slaves , initially by their EAST INDIA COMANY, THEREAFTER BY THEMSELVES as they had come to our Country to treat us worst than the "ANIMALS" which is Not my comments but hordes of their own British & European Historians & Writers of that era.

Earlier To the advent of the British , our Farmers had to pay just 1/6th or max. 1/5th of their farm produce as tax to the local rulers but the Britishers changed above & increased it , first to 50% of their Produce , then raised it to a fixed Cash amount, leaving almost NOTHING in our farmers hands except their Land, bullock carts, hunger & Famine.

The Britishers had been plundering our Country's wealth specifically after 1750, by Chopping of hands of our Artisans, forcing the closures of our industries but making us a cheap source for their required raw materials & other reqd, goods at the cheapest prices possible but we were forced to buy their finished goods at the highest prices which were allowed into India without a single penny import duty , causing further poverty & famines amongst all our people; the most notorious Famines were from 1763 to 1768, 80's, early 20th Century & again in the early 20th Century 1923 to 1928 & again the recent worst FAMINES of 1943-44 of Bengal & Kalahandi in Orissa where millions of our Indian people had died of hunger .

It is Strange that the British Ruled over us for about Two- Three Hundred years, first by their EAST INDIA COMPANY & THEN BY The BRITISH CROWN with just 65,000 of their White British Troops & about 360,000 of our own INDIAN NATIVE TROOPs under Command of The British Officers . The British Utilised our TROOPS in overseas War Operations including Creamia War , Afghan War , Iran War etc. Similarly , during 2nd World War in various War Theatres of Asia & Europe. Even indecent War of FALKLAND WAR the British could win on account of our Gorkha troops only. It has now been proved that British were never a warrior race but they ruled over us by deceit & making us to fight amongst ourselves only & ourselves to spy on each other, that's why our Krantikari movement could not remain very effective as a lot of Traitors & "MIRJAFFERS" were very well entrenched within our Society .

Upa-II is a simple example of above , which could be seen the height of this "Chamchagiri" ( Crony Politics ) by their one Manishankar Aiyer who on a visit to Andaman's Cellular jails , had got Veer Savarkar's plate removed & got it replaced with Gandhi's whereas Gandhi had never visited Andamans at all and every one of the UPA-II were showering false praise on their Chairperson & in return LOOTING OUR COUNTRY's wealth with both hands , 90% or More share going to their Chairperson & hardly a few left over percent to these cronies .That's why the UPA-II is full of Scams & scams of unimaginable magnitude & of UNIMAGINABLE INFLATED CONTRACTS & ALLOTMENTS ETC: thus this ill-gotten money is hidden in several overseas banks / Financial Institutes / Financial Dealers' secret accounts by The Chair Person & their Cronies & relatives .

( Actually, I wanted to write in detail about the British lootings in 18th & 19th Century with British Historians & writers/ Travellers names & the Indian Looted Wealth I had seen with my own eyes in their London Fort "as GIFTS" from INDIAN rulers in 1960 but thereafter their Government has removed or kept those looted items in hiding all those items of Indian loot some where else , Similarly, must have been the cases with Purtugese & French Rulers who had also looted our wealth with Both hands from our territories , they ruled , specially in Goa- Daman-Dieu , besides loss of our Brothers & sisters to them who were forcibly converted into christianity as in North -East and other aborigine areas which have now become Naxal Dens.)