Date: 24/05/2014

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Many of us are not well versed in constitutional provision for a decimated party like Congress/UPA. Regardless, Sonia occupying the leader of opposition will give her equal to cabinet rank facilities and privilege of part of briefing about national security. She certainly does not deserve such recognition. Modi's political testing will begin soon.

Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 20:51:15 -0400
Subject: Re: BJP, please do NOT be Prithivi Raj, Fwd: Why is BJP in love with Congress...

Too disgusting and frustrating even to think of anything else

but JAIL for Sonia for her corruption.

If the BOFORS COMMISSION and other loot is not repatriated to Bharat then the world will see that the HINDU in minority or majority is the same- a "GOAT".

Any concession to "Sonia & Clique" ("Italy & Islam") will be most demoralising and frustrating for the millions at home and abroad who supported BJP to the hilt in order to GET RID OF the Congressi "Hindu BASHERS", nation dividers and "desh drohis"!

Showing soft heart to the ENEMY is to invite DEATH.

In the battle of Kurukshetra it was not the Indians fighting the Indians. It was RIGHT fighting the EVIL.

Modiji and all the "soldiers & sewaks" (vast army) of BJP, you need to be convinced in your hour of victory that you stand for RIGHT and Congress + Dynasty are EVIL - to be ERADICATED, to be UPROOTED, and to be RESOLUTELY destroyed.

Please strengthen your hearts. You are not individuals. You are the NATION. And our leader Modiji is no more a humble Chai-Wallah but a courageous “FIELD MARSHAL” with guts and courage like Shivaji and General Hari Singh Nalwa, to lead us to permanent peace under a new Constitution.

Modiji, please don't do what we see in the e-mail below. DON'T LOOK SOFT BEFORE EVIL. Don't be tricked or hoodwinked by your ideological enemies however harmless, friendly and gentle they may seem!

Remember which political party signed the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of one third of Bharat? If that is not HIGH TREASON then what is it? A "post mortem" of Partition is long overdue.

The traitors who signed the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of India in 1947 had to be SHOT DEAD on the same day when MILLIONS of Hindus were about to perish like the Jews during the same decade (1940's) in Europe.

Now 67 years later they must be driven out of land or made to sit in the corner by the Will of the MAJORITY.

The Hindu nation and its armed forces are confronting an enemy that will "chop off the whole arm if you offer the (helping) hand"!

We have vanished in Lahore, Multan and Dhaka. That seemed impossible. Don't let the same fate befall us in Delhi and Kolkata though at this time of celebrations this also seems impossible.

Congress and Dynasty must be forced to VANISH from Bharat for ever, just as our AKHAND BHARAT "DIED" for ever due to their HIGH TREASON.

It is YOUR duty to inform the people, educate the people, and raise their awareness of the slavery of the past and the pitfalls ahead. The slightest concession now will lead to another, and then yet another, till YOU WILL BE IN OPPOSITION and they will be the rulers again.

Hindus hold world record of being gullible and being slaves again and again and again. Let the history not repeat itself.

Today is like the first VICTORY OF PRITHVI RAJ. He could not foresee his fate for going soft on the enemy. WE DO.

What did the Allies do in the last few days of World War 2 when victory was certain?

Churchill said, "PULVERISE THEM SO THEY NEVER STAND UP AGAIN!" All major German cities were bombarded relentlessly day and night even after their resistance stopped completely. On the day of Victory, 9th of May 1945, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt were reduced to rubble. Not a building was seen standing as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Germany and Japan will never start hostilities or war again. What about our ENEMIES in Bharat who seem innocent now but planning your downfall?

Let history not judge you by saying, "In their finest hour they took the path of appeasement and perished."

So, Sir, the nation wants to see Sonia in the dock!

Where is Hosne Mobarak of Egypt? IN THE DOCK! Where is Mohamed Morsi, the leader of Muslim Brotherhood there? IN THE DOCK! Where is Osama bin Laden? Where is Col Gadaffi? Where is Hitler?

THAT IS HOW THE BRAVE DEAL WITH THEIR ENEMIES TO ENSURE SAFETY OF THEIR CHILDREN & COUNTRY. How about us, the Hindus in Hindusthan? How do we deal with our enemies?

Both Germany and Japan (and Italy) wrote up a new Constitution and took the path of peace. Our much battered and beaten Hindu nation, too, wants permanent protection and a guarantee of safety in the future. For this a new Constitution for HINDU RASHTRA is the most compelling need of the hour.

We are keeping our fingers crossed, and fear: It could prove to be Pyrrhic victory.



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Whatever actions BJP and NaMo takes, they should not in any form give more powers to Congress and Sonia. An opposition leader gets many privileges and Sonia and Co simply does not deserve it.

There is a lesson from Mahabharata war when Karna's wheel is sinking and Arjuna was hesitant to take on, Krishna advised him, do not spare him now. When there is evil, use every opportunity to eliminate it.

Look at the faces of families of 200,000 farmers who committed suicide, look at the faces of 1/3rd population which is poor and every second Indian child is malnourished and going hungry, let us not spare any tears for this corrupt regime that brought untold misery to Indians.

Let us not forget that it is Jaitley under orders of Vajpayee who let go Quatrocchi in Malaysia that resulted in last 10 years of most corrupt regime. If Brajesh/Vajpayee did not beg USA for releasing Rahul from Boston in 2001, India would have been spared this. It is the arrogance, weak kneed and out of touch with reality of BJP leaders that created the blot on history of India, misery to its millions.

Date: Fri, May 23, 2014 at 8:53 AM
Subject: Why is BJP in love with Congress. Why clamour for cabinet rank for SoniaG. Get back the SoniaG family loot of Rs 90 lakh crores.

Why is BJP in love with Congress. Why clamour for cabinet rank for SoniaG. Get back the SoniaG family loot of Rs 90 lakh crores.
Why is BJP in love with Congress? NaMo fought for a Congress-mukt Bharat and won.

BJP satraps should not lose the goodwill earned thanks to NaMo and give Cabinet rank and related security cover to SoniaG. Subhash Kashyap, eminent Parliamentary affairs expert has categorically said that there CANNOT be the leader of opposition when no party has got 10% of the LS seats.

Time to retire and go, Congress. BJP should celebrate the moment of an end to psecularatti and fraudulent politicking. Get back the SoniaG family loot of $1500 b (Rs. 90 lakh crores).

BJP may prefer Cong as main opposition in LS
New Delhi, May 22, 2014, DHNS:

Wants to avoid fight with regional parties

The BJP-led NDA prefers to have a mem­ber of the Congress as the Leader of the Opposition (LoP) in the Lok Sabha to avoid the Narenda Modi government getting into a direct confrontation with three regional players who may form a bloc and stake a claim for the august post.

BJP leaders argue they might need the support of the AIADMK, BJD and the TMC, who are trying to form an alliance to outsmart the Congress in the race for the post, for building consensus to push through legislations in the Upper House.

That is the reason the NDA would like to avoid a confrontationist approach with the regional satraps.

A BJP leader said it would be politically expedient to face a demoralised and depleted Congress that has been reduced to a historic low in the just concluded polls, than taking on the state chief ministers.

The three regional parties that withstood the Narendra Modi wave in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Odisha together can form a bloc of 91 seats. The Congress has 44 MPs in LS and with UPA allies, the tally goes up to 58.

The move, first mooted by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, during campaigning, to get on board her Tamil Nadu counterpart Jayalalitha, had drawn sharp reaction from Narendra Modi.

The prime minister designate had said in Varanasi that parties outside the ruling coalition may have to form an alliance to get the formal status of a recognised Opposition leader.

Former UPA law minister M Veerappa Moily on Wednesday stressed that the Congress is entitled to get the LoP slot by law which states that a party in the opposition with the maximum number of MPs is eligible to stake claim.