Date: 26/05/2014

Constructive approach.God bless you.



Dears All concerned,

Namaskar 1

Since the new Govt has put return of KP`s in its priority list, the community needs to stand up, recognize, and address to the issues involved objectively, and try to get the politico-administrative issues settled for permanent settlement of KP and Kashmir problem.

In my opinion :

1. Let AIKS immediately call a meeting of all KP organizations / persons to evaluate a common response, because, as I understand with a brief interaction with some media persons, the KP issue is going to be in limelight for next two three months, therefore media persons will try to get feedback / bytes from KP community all around. To emphasize the issue, we need to have a uniform opinion as far as possible. KSD that organized a meeting on 17 May, seems to be totally off the track.

2. Kashmir / KP issue cannot be resolved overnight because of its complex and diverse intricacies because of geopolitical reasons, and divergent opinion of KP community, though I understand that if KP issue cannot be resolved in next 1 to 3 years, it never will be – understanding the personality of Mr Narender Modi.

3. Till final resolution, let us demand IDP status immediately ( that will take care of various issues under UN charter like increase in relief, facilities etc), along with employment / education facility / quota.

4. As suggested to AIKS earlier, it would be prudent to invite PM for “Nagrik Samman”. I am sure he will come. He has already accepted an invite from some Islamic foundation. This will do three goods to say the least :-

I. Get the entire community on one platform to greet Modi.

II. Help present a common face and agenda / memorandum.

III. Increase the stature of AIKS / Community.

With Regards

Ashok Manvati