Date: 19/03/2013

WARNING: Strong language.


Dear fellow Veterans,

Having read and heard the views of so many of you about the Supreme Commander, we gathered our own thoughts as follows that will be posted on Internet to ensure that these are conveyed to the Supreme Commander by someone living somewhere on this earth.

We were a profession of "fear not, but dare!", and the following is in the same vein. Sometimes misbehaving parents are rebuked by their children, sometimes a patriot pulls the trigger on the "father of the defeated nation" who treads the path of appeasement, and sometimes a soldier, too, must pull the ears of an erring Supreme Commander.


PS: A reformed Supreme Commander (President) is the pre-requisite of decent treatment of service and ex-servicemen/women.
Letter to the President of Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.)

Mr President,

Let us start from the beginning:

You ought to know that the true title of your Republic is “Partitioned Indian Secular State”. If you have discarded “Akhand Bharat” (the India in which you were born!) and you don’t know why, or haven’t told your subordinates and juniors as to why, then you have discarded your own patriotism, secularism and even self-esteem due to terror of Islam or fear of NEHRU DYNASTY (all bogus “Gandhis”).

First things first! Among the one billion Hindus on earth, at least ONE man had to show the courage to recall the fact that our revered Motherland, that had to be defended, every inch of it, was cut and chopped on the sole basis of RELIGION in order to appease the vicious “Kafir Killer” minority in 1947. And that ONE person is YOU.

Having conceded alien ISLAM full glory in the breakaway parts of our Republic, both East and West, and having passively watched the total ethnic cleansing of the Hindus in East & West Pakistan, our Bharat became “secular”, suppressing our own native IDENTITY as Hindus (and Sikhs), denying our own indigenous religions their rightful place in schools, society and Constitution.

The reason was FEAR of FOREIGNERS that always made the defeated and degraded Hindu slaves EQUATE the enemy with the native. It has made us turn our eyes away from the ruins in Ayodhya where the grand Temple at the Janmasthan of Sri Rama was to be constructed in order to restore our smashed pride in ourselves as Hindus. What worth is the Supreme Commander who cannot tell the vocal and menacing MUSLIM objectors, “Since the surrender of ONE THIRD of India in 1947 to you, your home is Pakistan!”

We had no guts then to defend Akhand Bharat and have no courage now to show the enemy the door to Pakistan. So the Hindus must be programmed to vanish from the earth eventually like the native Americans, taking the brave Sikhs, too, down with them.

For the Hindu slaves religion has become irrelevant and unmentionable in their own country while ISLAM showed its force and brutality to us for the last time in 1947, and today (March 19, 2013) we see the pomp and glory of the one billion CATHOLICS with which the new Pope is being installed in the SOVEREIGN State of Vatican. Compare this to the status of one of your SHANKARACHARYAS who are living somewhere in obscurity with dwindling following & impoverished status.

In the shadow of your Constitution we know your reply if asked, “Supreme Commander, are you a Hindu?” Bound, tied and incapacitated by your Constitution you will reply, “I am secular but still a Hindu inside my house because I do not wish to PROVOKE the Muslims and the Catholics by saying so openly.”

SHAME on your mother who never told you to put your Faith above all the unfaithful around you including those who took away Pakistan and the one from Italy who guides your prime minister and calls the shots in your Hindusthan.

Now to your office as the Supreme Commander of India’s armed forces. The pledge of loyalty to you that the subordinates take is MUTUAL, not one sided. It means that if the Supreme Commander can expect extreme sacrifices from a serviceman or woman then the latter should also be certain that the Supreme Commander will be prepared to lift a finger for him or her.

The Supreme Commander is expected to regard every soldier like his own son or daughter and, therefore, must attend the funeral of each and every soldier KILLED IN ACTION, or BY THE ENEMY. And when you do so, the entire media ought to report this, show your presence, and print your speech or address on the occasion. That is how you, the Supreme Commander, will concede them their DIGNITY and LOYALTY in death.

A Supreme Commander, who is also the President of the country at the same time, you must have self-esteem and, therefore, make sure that you are not a “dog's body” in your own country. In this regard we point to Article 370 of Constitution that bars every Indian, including yourself, from buying any immovable property in the State of J & K that you claim to be an integral part of India.

Only a most degraded individual, occupying the chair of Supreme Commander, would tolerate this INSULT and DISCRIMINATION even for a second. But, Sir, you and your predecessors have tolerated this despicable state of affairs since 1948 without protest or showing disgust.

You as the Supreme Commander must also realise that you are supposed to be ABOVE the “dirty, treacherous, corrupt, bickering and quarrelling” politicians, including the Prime Minister, in matters of extreme national interest.

Some instances come to mind:

When MAIMOONA BEGUM (a.k.a. “Indira Gandhi”) returned East Bengal to the ENEMY after its capture by the brave Jawans of the Indian army, you had to object. The BLOOD of Indian soldiers is not so cheap as to be shed IN VAIN. To return that CAPTURED territory was the most treacherous and dishonourable snub to your own army. They were used as “mercenaries” if the TERRITORY was instantly handed back to the enemy without any condition. Do look at every country on earth to learn how “DHARTI” (territory) is defended! Mr. President, please EDUCATE yourelf.

Furthermore, you regard North Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan. But if YOU do nothing about it, the illegal occupation will NEVER end until you act. A supreme commander also continuously needs to keep himself aware of the "strategically historic" moment to act, or strike.

That moment came after the defeat of Pakistan in 1972. You did not act due to COWARDICE and LACK OF CONVICTION. But when such an opportunity occured for Mohammed Ali Jinnah, he immediately struck and occupied one third of India overnight in 1947! Now compare your own calibre, sense of strategic timing and guts to Mr. Jinnah's, and be ASHAMED.

In 1972 the Supreme Commander of the time, who also happened to the PRESIDENT, had to make sure that the return of East Bengal was subject to certain CONDITIONS and not a free gift to Mohammed of Mecca like that of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet in 1947. Those conditions were:-

(a) The new Constitution of East Pakistan (later Bangladesh) would be SECULAR if it did not wish to be annexed by Bharat.

(b) The new Government had to ensure the SAFETY of the HINDUS and all the other minorities if the land was to return to the Islamic Sharia Law.

(c) If East Bengal was to be conceded full freedom & SOVEREIGNTY in 1972 then what about EAST PUNJAB where the Sikhs had been campaigning for many years for some trivial concessions from the Centre? One cannot reward the enemy but punish his own family unless he is on the side of the enemy! How is it that you are so IGNORANT of the diametrically opposite roles played by the Muslim aggressors and the Sikh defenders through centuries in Hindusthan?

As the PRESIDENT you have to keep an eye on the conduct and behaviour of the Government, too. You should certainly DISMISS the despicable corrupt lot and hold new elections if you see rampant CORRUPTION ruining the administration and eating away the moral fibre of the State. How is it that you go on WATCHING the country sink in the “cesspit” of CORRUPTION without issuing a stern WARNING to the corrupt ministers?

Another instance of grave negligence and failure of your high office came when MAIMOONA BEGUM (Mrs. Feroze KHAN, the “Prime Minister of India by Divine Right”) ordered the attack on Harimandir Sahib, (Golden Temple) in Amritsar on the occasion of a “Gurpurb” (June 1984) knowing fully well that many innocent people in the congregation will be slaughtered. It was one such occasion where the PRESIDENT should have dismissed the prime minister, EXPOSED HER MOHAMMEDAN faith (kept dishonestly top secret) and then protected the priceless sacred and irreplaceable national heritage and the lives of thousands of innocent families in the vast congregation at Gurpurb.

The number of the innocent poeple killed and injured, including women and children and the elderly, far exceeded the number of victims who fell at Jallianwala Bagh massacre during the British rule in 1919. If your government does not honour those killed wantonly by orders of the malicious prime minister then the dead of 1984 will be honoured by those who come to power in your "Broken Bleeding" Bharat over your DEAD bodies. History will never forget what you have forgotten.

In a country that went through Hindu Holocaust at Partition, vast surrenders of territory, living through political turmoil and in perennial mortal FEAR of the Muslims, seething with communal tensions, and stagnating under the draconian "HINDU BASHING" rule of ONE dynasty and ONE political party for decades, the Supreme Commander had to have contingency plans for the likelihood of massacres of thousands of innocent Sikhs if the autocratic and arrogant prime minister was assassinated.

Your office totally FAILED to protect the defenceless patriotic indigenous minority. The result was needless loss of life and destruction of property in the wake of that assassination that gave India a very bad press in the whole world.

Now, do you have a contingency plan up your sleeve in case your "Rashtramata" SONIA MAINO-GANDHI, called by some the "dark Italian shadow over Hindusthan", is also assassinated like the THREE previous Gandhis? (MK Gandhi in 1948, Indira Gandhi in 1984, and Rajiv Gandhi in 1991)?

The biggest failure of your high office is your BLIND EYE towards PARTITION. Hailing from Bengal you ought to have come out with the TRUTH that it was history’s worst ever unconditional surrender inflicted on the peaceful non violent Hindu nation and with it the chances of survival of the Hindus in South Asia are now NIL since the number of Muslims is INCREASING rapidly all the time while the Hindus remain static as well as brainwashed and emaciated by Gandhi’s suicidal creed of non violence (“Ahimsa Parmo Dharma”).

Not one President has come out with the truth about that bogus partition (supposedly “LAND FOR PEACE” deal!) and then demanded either the EXPULSION of all the Muslims from Partitioned India, or withholding full citizenship rights from them at par with the Hindu victims of that holocaust.

Would you not speak up for a MEMORIAL to be erected to honour the Dead of 1946 (NOAKHALI) and 1947 (MULTAN, GUJRANWALA, RAWALPINDI and LAHORE)? They were not expendable or “vermin”!

By the way, all the ambassadors are sent by the Heads of State. So who is responsible in Bharat for sending them to Saudi Arabia that has not seen a HINDU ambassador from Hindusthan since 1947?

Whether you are a Pranab Mukherjee or an Abdul Kalam, it is expected of you to send out HINDUS from a country that is historically, realistically and traditionally called HINDUSTHAN, in order to represent your country, and to PROJECT its culture and traditions, abroad.

We remind you that your own land had SRI KRISHNA, SRI RAMA, GURU NANAK, GURU GOBIND SINGH and GAUTAM BUDDHA born in Hindusthan from where HINDU, Sikh and Buddhist ambassadors should go out with pride! What do the Saudis think of you and your MUSLIM ambassadors when Pakistan and Bangladesh ALSO send Muslim ambassadors to that county? Can they not see the difference between a country that walks tall and the one that creeps, crawls and appeases? Why do you put your high office in such obvious and visible disrepute when you are supposed to lead a great country that can boast of her ancient civilization?

Since the departure of the Imperial British rulers from India the pompous life style of the Presidents of impoverished India has remained the same. Do you need to live in that huge mansion if most of your people cannot even afford clean drinking water or basic hygiene? Please “RELATE” to them and come down from your "ivory tower" to live among them!

Again do you not realise that DEMOCRACY died when Nehru’s daughter automatically became the Prime Minister after his death, and it DIED TWICE when her son was given the Prime Minister’s chair instantly without even fighting for a parliamentary seat? If the Indian democracy is that BOGUS then so is the office of the President and the Supreme Commander.

What about SECULARISM? The man in the HIGHEST POST was expected to realise that secularism in DELHI was only for the defeated if it was not valid in Dhaka and Lahore. Furthermore, your Secularism is “MUCK TWICE” if the only Muslim majority state, J & K, is treated differently from all the others vide Article 370 in Constitution!

Mr. President, you may be carried around on a golden carriage driven by an eight horse team, preceded by bands and accompanied by guards in ceremonial uniform, but you are simply inviting your own end like that of Emperor Prithvi Raj Chohan if you do not learn and put into practice any lession from the entire history of Hindusthan that is 99.9 per cent SLAVERY since 1192 AD and the rest lost in “mongrel” pseudo-Secularism under the dirty foot of Dynasty.

Mr. President, we expect you to give a warning to the corrupt cabinet ministers to behave, and, as the Supreme Commander, grant authority to the Brigade commanders to retaliate instantly to any terrorist incursion, and to the killing, or beheading, of a single Jawan in their areas of responsibility, and send the report later.

Good luck Supreme Commander, we hope you will stand up tall, to be seen by the Ajmal Kasabs and the Afzal Gurus as a deterrent before they explode a bomb or fire a gun to kill your fellow citizens. And SHAME upon you a million times if you did not go to attend the victims' CREMATIONS.

The day is approaching fast when the Supreme Commander of Broken Bharat, too, will be cremated along with the rest.