Date: 05/06/2014

Should Indian Muslims have voting rights in Partitioned India? NO!

In 1940’s the Muslims of India agitated for a separate homeland claiming to be ‘second nation’ in Bharat that had nothing to do with the Hindus.

Our top leaders at that time acknowledged the fact that the Muslims were, indeed, a distinctly separate nation by virtue of Faith, Belief, Religion and History, and ACCEPTED their demand for vast territories (five provinces) of India to enable them to establish not only their separate homeland but also to enable them to move there from anywhere in India to live according to Sharia Law and the dictates of Koran. Millions of Muslims from far and wide left our secular land and migrated to Pakistan.

The biggest fraud and deception of entire history of mankind was exposed when after the birth of Pakistan our top leaders suddenly stopped their migration to Pakistan, saying that the Muslims were as “indigenous” as the Hindus!

That was preposterous betrayal of Bharat by our own top leaders since they did what suited the Muslims- to create their Pakistan and also stay put to increase their numbers rapidly, eventually to lay claim to more and more territory, if not all of Bharat.

Their dream of re-creating the Mogul style ISLAMIC rule over Hindusthan was thus made possible by our own top leaders at the time. The most prominent to mesmerise and fool the Hindus were (“Mahatma”) Gandhi and (“Chacha”) Nehru.

Our own top leaders also did something else to put the Hindus to sleep. They enacted a Constitution with NO mention of those parts that had been surrendered to Islam.

The result of this great Deception & Fraud against the Hindu nation has been the elevation of Muslims (and now even of the Pope’s followers) and demoralisation of the majority community. In the last 67 years the de facto rulers (DYNASTY, ITALY & ISLAM) have freely looted the nation, spread the culture of corruption and divided the nation by pitching Dalits against the Brahmins, the South against the North and the Hindus against the Sikhs. Sanatan Dharma has been banned from schools and colleges and immorality introduced in society through films coming out of Bollywood, and the spread of rampant corruption (bribes and commissions) and world record in degradation of our daughters (rape).

Now, as if through a miracle, the BJP has formed the new Government in Bharat but the immense burden of the past is acting like shackles on their feet. They have not done within the first 10 days what the nation expected of them, for example-
1. Putting Sonia Maino Gandhi and her son-in-law Wadra in JAIL pending the outcome of illegal foreign deposits and corruption.

2. Abolition of Article 370 that makes a mockery of India’s sovereignty and grants separate constitutional status to J & K, and bars any Indian from buying property in the State.

3. An enquiry into the real motivation of Maimoona Begum behind her malicious attack on the Sikhs’ holiest shrine, the Golden Temple, in Amritsar, and the Sikhs’ genocide across India in the wake of her assassination on 31 October the same year. The criminals were expected to be put in dock and compensation paid to the bereaved families. It should be noted that the number of those killed indiscriminately on the occasion of a major “Gurpurb” was at least TEN TIMES those killed at Jallianwala Bagh in 1919. And this was in free India!

4. Investigation into the malicious military operations against the Tamils of Indian origin domiciled in Northern Sri Lanka. India’s action there was in sheer contrast to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Turkey wished to save the Turks in Cyprus while our own Bharat wanted to FINISH OFF the Tamils in Sri Lanka. What happened to the BETRAYED Tamils there is known to the whole world.

5. An enquiry into Pandit Nehru’s loyalty towards Hindusthan. How patriotic was the barrister who readily accepted the “second nation” theory to help create Pakistan and how patriotic was he when he stopped the army advance in Kashmir when our troops were advancing?

6. Rehabilitation of the patriots in military ranks who answered the call of “DILLI CHALO!” given by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and those who left the barracks on hearing of malicious attack on their holiest shrine in Amritsar on the pretext of arresting a few outlaws.
Experienced wise men and women in Shri Modi’s cabinet can be asked to prepare a list of actions that the new Government ought to take on top priority to assure the nation that the two-headed EVIL of ISLAMIC gangrene and ITALIAN cancer has been WIPED OUT from the body politics of Bharat.
Failing this we are AFRAID the present victory could vanish sooner than many think due to concerted actions by anti national forces of the united, well organised and well resourced (even foreign funded) anti Hindu opposition. Let the new rulers not show soft and “melting hearts” to those who will eventually repeat history and see the Hindus in the noose again.

Next time it could mean the imposition of Sharia Law in Hindustan, Jezia tax on the Hindus, closure of all the girls schools as in NW Pakistan, and large scale abduction of girls as in Nigeria by the “good” Muslims.
There is a long queue of hostile anti Hindu ideologies, trying to take entire schools hostage as in BESLAN, set fire to Rashtrapati Bhawan like the attack on the two WTO towers in New York, hijack planes and the destroy trains and buses, and finally, the mushrooming of terrorists like Al Qaida, Taliban, Adam Sena, Hizbutahrir, and so on.

7. No subsidies to the Muslims for Hajj pilgrimage. It is a pity and shame that these Muslims flying off to Mecca avoiding all the sacred places of the native prophets and messengers of God like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Gautam Buddha and the Ten Sikh gurus in order to land in the country from where the first savage invaders came to attack and loot Hindusthan and rape Hindu girls. That ongoing loot ought to be spent on giving strength, shine and lustre to our own NATIVE Bharatiya religions.

Please do understand that our enemies are too smart for our simple and straightforward mentality and way of thinking. They will strike MERCILESSLY whenever they can though they seem more loyal and secular than even the Hindus right now when they are unable to hit us hard. They change with the wind. We cannot afford to trust those who are IDEOLOGICALLY at loggerheads with our Hindu civilisation.

This imposes great responsibility on our shoulders to stand by our own native religions that sprang from the soil of Hindusthan.