Date: 09/06/2014


These LAWLESS "rascals" are law unto themselves. Look closely at the photo: They are IN UNIFORM, certainly ON DUTY and yet in broad daylight they have WHISKY bottles on the table in front of them!

How will they treat a distraught father who approaches them wailing, to ask for help to rescue his daughters from a gang of rapists? He will be lucky if he does not get badly beaten up for disturbing them!

The Police in East Punjab (a fragment of the original Punjab, thanks to High Treason by Pandit Nehru and disgusting cowardice of "Mahatma" Gandhi!) are exactly as per wishes of the ITALIAN MAFIA and the thoroughly corrupt DYNASTY. As a child goes after its parents the police go after their RULERS. After all they have to serve the MASTERS. And, what if dynamic Democracy, as we see in Europe, turns into stale and stinking DYNASTY, as we see in PARTITIONED India? We clearly see the product of "ba*tards" in this photograph.

To compare the police in the lawless and MUCH MUTILATED State of East Punjab with that in Europe is to compare a Tiger with a Donkey.

To be fair, Narendra Modi has only just got this rotten administration of Congress-ruled COOLIE Colony in inheritance, and reform (professionalism) of the police in EAST Punjab is one of those million pus-filled sores on the body of emaciated Bharat Mata.


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Meet Your utter corrupt, lowest of the low Potbellied Punjab Policemen enjoying free food and DHARU. Do you think Namo and NDA will bring in Police Reform Bill pending for the last fifteen years? NO CHANCE. Police is the best tools for the Indian politicians. It is WIDELY BELIEVED in Punjab, that, many of the Punjab policemen are actively involved in drug smuggling and cuts GO TO THE VERY TOP.