Date: 12/06/2014

The interview with the young lad (below) is an eye opener. It shows us the TRUTH behind Corrupted Congress Culture and Bollywood (Khans' / Musalman's / Mohammed's) morality in which the frightened and harrassed Hindu maiden, beaten up savagely by goondahs and forsaken by her family & friends, finally finds shelter and comfort with an apparently pious Padre in church or a Muslim Mullah in mosque.

This remarkable piece posted by Shri Rao needs to be re-read, analysed and disseminated for widest publicity with comments and suggestions (not merely passed on!).

It shows the unpardonable criminal distortion of history both by "BANDIT" and his offspring down to Priyenka married to CROOK Wadra whose Hindu grandfather converted to Christianity for crumbs of British Empire.

The account is just one aspect of our RUINED education system that repeatedly emphasizes the the tyranny of the British and the glory of Moguls and their religion of peace (as we see today in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Irak) while one would need a magnifying glass to spot the native HINDU genius and brilliance anywhere.

It is remarkable to note that the "explosion" in medical, scientific and industrial development; maritime trade, renaissance of literture and fine arts, and colonisation by the Europeans, took place precisely when in Hindusthan the barbarian and zealot Muslim rulers were busy destroying temples & schools, abducting and raping Hindu girls, and convertitg the peaceful Hindus to Islam by force. During the spectacular developmental period in Europe, THANK GOD, there was NO Muslim to be seen in America and Europe, not even in China and Japan.

The ENERGY and GENIUS that was released from the burdensome task of keeping the disruptive and destructive Muslim JINN in the cage helped develop the Christian world by leaps and bounds to the extent that today even the MUSLIMS do a thousand "sijdaas" (thanks) for the entry permit to any Christian country from Sweden to Italy, America, Canada and Australia. Even the Indians seen living abroad escaped the unfortunate Bharat on the brink of civil war that could not GET RID OF her Muslims despite Partition.

The most recent "poison" injected into Bharat's history is the so-called Muslim massacre in Gujarat in 2002. Every Indian COOLIE journalist and broadcaster picked up the same news at home and abroad, never mentioning the wagon full of pilgrims that was set ablaze, in order to portray Mr. Modi as a dangerous fundamentalist Hindu but never a word about the real killers and murderers MAIMOONA BEGUM and son ROBERTO/RAJIV (bogus) "Gandhi. The blood of thousands of INNOCENT Tamils and Sikhs in on their hands. Nor is the government of J & K State is criticised for the murder, rape, loot and expulsion of Hindus to the same exxtent as Mr Modi has been condemned and criticised.

The news of Gujarat killings was the clever use of a formidable weapon called PROPAGANDA. It is part of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE since the then rulers, treacherous CONGLOMERATION of "ITALIAN MAFIA, ISLAM & (NEHRU) DYNASTY" was the anti national fighting "army" on ONE side and the INTIMIDATED , IGNORANT and BRAINWASHED Hindu masses on the other. Such were the BATTLE LINES drawn between the NATIVE & the FOREIGNER till recently.

We earnesly hope that the new Goverment sets up an NRI CELL to gather news and impulses from the Hindu patriots living across the globe and then to mould the way of the "deep frozen" archaic, inert and notoriously corrupt administration in Bharat (baboodom) in a positive and healthy way.

The PROPAGANDA Ministry of the old discredited regime should be transformed into MINISTRY OF INFORMATION & EDUCATION with the vigorous Hindu (NATIVE or BHARATIYA) ethos at the centre. Peoples' thinking, loyalties and attitudes ought to be made the subject of new reform that should effortlessly lead the "battered & bashed" partitioned India to "HINDU RASHTRA" and re-construction of the most important national icon, symbol of our Unity and Pride, the SRI RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA.

Once ths SOURCE of all Evil (ideology) is identified, captured and cleaned up, all the tributaries (metaphorically speaking) will carry and convey "AMRIT" to every nook and corner of the Rashtra.

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Nehru did not discover India.

He tried his best to decover it.

What a shame?

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Subject: Fwd: Interview with a young lad
Date: Wednesday, 11 June, 2014, 13:48

SUB: Interview with a young lad

A young graduate appeared for an interview,

Interviewer: Can you name a distinguished Emperor or King of our country?

Candidate: Akbar the Great

Interviewer: Any other name?

Candidate: Shah Jahan, the great lover and Aurangzeb, the

Interviewer: Have you heard the name of Shivaji?

Candidate: Yes; he revolted against the emperor and established Maratha kingdom for himself. Our History rightly describes him as “Mountain Rat”

Interviewer: Ummm ….. Do you know the significance of 11th

Candidate: It’s the eleventh day in the month of June

Interviewer: Any other specialty of the day?

Nothin that I know of ….

Interviewer: Well, My dear young man, now I’ll tell you something about 11th June.
‘Jyeshtha Suddha Trayaodasi’ falls on 11th June this year. It was on this ‘Tithi’ in the year 1674 a brave Son of Bharata
Mata ascended the throne and re-established a Hindu kingdom in our country. Let me convey to you in brief:-

On 19th February 1627 Shivaji was born in Pune. His parents were Shahji Bhonsele and Jijabai. Those were the times when the entire Hindustan was reeling under most atrocious misrule of the most felonious emperor Aurangzeb

Even at the young age of 16 he vowed to establish Hindavi Swaraj. Under the able guidance of Dadaji Kondadev and
blessings of Guru Samartha Ramadas, young Shivaji organized Hindu youth most particularly Mavals (who were considered as lowly in the society) and decided to release
Bharata Mata from the shackles of foreign Islamic misrule. Against many odds, facing formidable challenges; he nurtured a rare breed of spirited men, with nerves of steel, who could
stand, heads held high; against the mighty armies of those times. Further, his Military also had a comprehensive Naval arm; a rarity for Bharateeya Militaries those days.

He attacked Aurangzeb’s maternal uncle Shaista khan. Khan however escaped losing his fingers to Shivaji’s sword.

Shivaji killed the notorious villain Afzal Khan, who actually came to kill Shivaji.

Though Shivaji became a King with his own might he was least selfish and despised power and pelf. However, on the advice
of Guru Sri Samartha Ramadas, Shivaji in the interest of Hindu nation agreed for the coronation as the King and ascended the
throne taking the title ‘Chatrapati’.

He established the system of “Ashta Pradhan”. He maintained an excellent intelligence network and ruled the country very efficiently. Shivaji was a terror to his enemies, which included the Moghuls, British and the Portuguese.

Shivaji built 160 forts, had a strong Navy and Cavalry.

He introduced Samskrutam as official language in place of the existing Persian language. He got a “Rajya Vyavahara Kosam” complied for this purpose.

The marauding Muslim rouges have ravaged a magnificent temple at ‘Tiruvadi’ (now in Tamilnadu) and built a Masjid. Shivaji destroyed the Masjid and rebuilt the Temple.

The so-called mighty emperor Aurangzeb made desperate and serious attempts for 22 long years to destroy Hindu Raj and
finally died an ignominious man in the Deccan.

‘Jyeshtha Suddha Trayaodasi’ falls on 11th June this year, now have you you understood the significance of this day?

Candidate: Er .. Ofh may be !!!

Interviewer: Mr. Nehru “discovered India” – Now, You discover yourself. Get out!"