Date: 12/06/2014

UP: Third BJP leader shot at in five days, in a critical condition

During its earlier stint in power Samajvadis were satisfied with mere beating up of BJP legislators in the assembly. Now they made significant progress, they are shooting BJP leaders instead. In addition assaults on women continue unabated to keep the sobriquet 'goonda state' intact. Yet the CM of UP, where a mini dynasty rule is present, certifies himself saying the situation in UP is much better than in other states. Let us also feel sorry for those other states as well.
UP should not be allowed to deteriorate further, turn into India's largest lawless state. Let Samajvadi govt be dismissed and new elections be conducted. BJP should be able to romp home in UP as well and then only law or order could be restored,otherwise as we have seen in case of Durga Shakti, IAS officer, honest officials will get penalized while crooks get rewarded all the while crimes go on increasing. BJP govt in the center should learn from Congress in some instances. Congress never failed to use an opportunity to get back power in states through dismissals of state governments even for trivial reasons. Here in UP case such action is very much required to provide relief to long suffering people of that state, hence justified if not for the sake of BJP alone.