Date: 13/06/2014

Alarming (frightening) video that each and every free man or woman on earth should see. it sends chill through one's spine.

Is this the year 2014 or the re-enactment of the invasions of Babur or Ahmed Shah Abdali on the soil of Hindusthan where our ANCESTORS were dealt with in the SAME, or even WORSE, manner? The world has SHRUNK since then and we cannot say, "Libya, Egypt and Irak, and even PARTITION of INDIA, were on another planet!"

We see the mad fanatics moving like the "BLITZKRIEG" when German troops rapidly swept across Benelux countries and France at the beginning of World War 2.

These Muslim fanatics who wish to unite Syria, Irak and Palestine and capture Baghdad to re-establish the CALIPHATE, will eventually be heading towards DELHI through Afghanistan (joined by Taliban) and Pakistan (joined by the ever ready Mujahideen).

It was the genius of Western powers to crush the global Nazi onslaught. Then India, being a British colony, was part of that effort to deliver a lethal blow to the Axis Powers.

Today Bharat is free and sovereign and its leadership should actively offer support to the West in the global action to crush the rising threat of belligerent Islam. We should not wait for "our turn"!

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Britons are heading to Iraq to join ISIS militants in their HUNDREDS amid fears 'they could bring terror to the UK'

An estimated 500 British Muslims are said to have flown to Syria to fight with the ultra-violent Islamic extremists, and now they are thought to be fighting for them in Iraq.

The video below is too gruesome and shocking. So is the barbarity of Islam as we saw throughout East and West Pakitan in 1947. Today's scenes are a reminder to us of the potential for massacres tomorrow. If they can do this to FELLOW MUSLIMS what WILL they do to the besieged Hindus in Partitioned India? It is imperative to replace Bandit Nehru's Constitution written up by his stooges and have a new one for HINDU RASHTRA. For safety and security tomorrow the Hindus need cast iron provisions in CONSTITUTION, not the vagaries of Dynasty, Congress & Islam.

13 Jun 14.

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13 June 2014