Date: 20/03/2013

Since Partition we have been watching the goings on in Bharat, the land of our birth and spirituality.

What we know now, we did not then. The British did not hand over the country to the honest people or genuine democracy but to their own henchman Nehru and his family, to rule till eternity.

Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. The result is the vast era of suppression of the native genius, culture and civilisation, and the imposition of deceptive secularism on India while East and West Pakistan were easily let off from those constraints.

The sub continent is now in three unstable fragments with the Hindus wedged in between the two ideologically fierce Islamic nations on either side. Partition was not a clean affair but very dirty. It was not the will of the people through referendum and it was not a clean population transfer. The result is before our eyes.

The "indigestible second nation", the Muslim minority, is again in the same ratio in the population (one third) as they were before Partition and similar dissent is mounting among them once again, to explode in our faces.

The next time it will prove lethal to Bharat due to the facts that-

The Indian Muslims, who were unarmed like the Hindus in 1947, are today ideologically charged two separate sovereign states with their own armed forces and weaponry. Their potential to destroy India is much more serious and greater since India has a large FIFTH COLUMN inside to deliver the final coup de grace.

Furthermore, Kashmir was then a tourists' paradise while today it is hotbed of dissent and terrorism, encouraged by their separate identity due to Article 370 in Cosntitution.

The Government that appeased the enemy in 1947 has not held any post- mortem on Partition but has played with security and survival of the Hindus by sweeping the main causes and implications under the carpet. Sooner or later this artifical peace by deception & fraud will turn ugly.

The Hindus have been kept stuck to non violence in the face of visibly violent threat from all sides and from within.

We may watch the next general elections of which the conclusion is foregone. The deeply entrenched "Hindu bashing" pro "Italy & Islam" Congress Party will not give up power easily.

They know that the next government will open up the cases of corruption and force the Swiss banks to return the vast sums of money to India and put the criminals in the dock. Hence they will rather go to war (deadly civil war) than surrender power.

On the earth today the Hindus are MOST endangered and, at the same time, LEAST prepared to confront the existential dangers facing them. It is amazing but true. Lack of awareness and lack of readiness for united counter attack on the part of Hindus are incomprehensible. Even the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir are not in the news.

Here is a true story from the time still remembered by many: A rich Hindu family in Multan sent their son on a three year degree course to a university in England in September 1946. They paid all the fees and expenses for one year.

In June the following year all communication with his parents was cut. A month later he received a letter from an uncle in Meerut saying, "Regret to say that a frenzied Muslim mob attacked your parents' home and killed them both along with your younger brothers and set fire to the house after looting it. Your younger sister was abducted and is known to be missing at the time of writng."

That was not an isolated case. Most Hindus if abroad, had no home to return to, and those living happily in their own homes were forced to flee at short notice, sometimes only 15 minutes!

In a country that never discusses the causes of slavery and is never prepared for the next invasion or onslauhght this has been the Hindus' life and fate for over thosuand years.

We are all brainwashed by parents, preachers and rulers to remain stuck to Gandhian "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" and seem to ignore and forget every defeat and disaster in the spirit of forgiveness.

The collective Hindu body is PIERCED in front by the dagger called "Maaya" and in the back by the sword called "Tyaag"! (What is an illusion ought to be relinquished. It is not worth defending.)

If one mentions the Holocaust at "Partition" most Hindus would change the topic, yawn or simply move away. With ISLAM menacing again, we all KNOW what is coming to the "Rest Of India", betrayed like her armed forces, and unable to do anything but await death.

Even the Supreme Commander does not seem bothered if one day the Hindus in Bharat, too, share the fate of those in West Punjab and East Bengal.