Date: 21/03/2013


“Do you mind if you see a snake in your house?”
“I will kill it straightaway,” answered my friend promptly.

I persisted. “Why will you kill it? It has lived in its hole probably for quite some time, silently coming out at night and scavenging for bits of food on floor and occasionally eating a mouse or small rodents.”

“I will still kill it,” insisted my friend. So I asked him again.

“Will it kill you if you are not its staple diet? Does it seduce and rape your daughter? Does it destroy your temple? Does it wish to rob you of your wealth and belongings?”

“What do you mean?” asked my friend quite perplexed.

“I mean, you have a lot of MUSLIMS in your country who hate your Secularism and religion, who bullied and threatened you to surrender a sizeable area of your country, exterminated you in Pakistan as well as in North Kashmir, degraded you in Bangladesh, banned your entry in the city where Mohammed was born, contemptuously calls you “Kafir” (Infidel), and finally, carries out raids and suicide bombings within your country in order to kill, kill and kill, and whose record of targeting you, your daughters, killing the innocent, destroying the temples, is unparalleled in entire human history.
“But you still embrace them, call them “brothers”, concede them key posts in administration and treat them even better than you treat your own fellow Hindus and Sikhs. Why is this so?”

He fell silent and then confessed. “You are right. We have had them for a thousand years among us and not once did a Muslim repair our demolished temples, not once did a Muslim return an abducted Hindu girl with an apology, not once did a Muslim groom embrace his bride’s Hindu religion, not once did any Muslim show remorse for the murder of boy Hakikat Rai in the past, the gruesome murder of two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji, the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the destructon of all the temples, especially those in Mathura, Varanasi, Somnath and AYODHYA, and not even for inflicting the sectarian, absurd and provocative Partition on our peaceful and secular Akhand Bharat (united India).”

He fell silent for a while and then said, “We Hindus must be fools, imbecile, stupid or plain IDIOTS!”




But snakes do not kill the entire families unless provoked or unless they feel threatened. Their normal diet is frogs, mice, small birds and moles but not the humans and certainly not the Hindus.

Snakes do not abduct or rape girls. They do not target young females for gang rape. They never demolish a temple nor set fire to a shop or a house with families inside.

Snakes are not known to enter temples and then destroy the idols or burn the Scriptures. Snakes have never claimed any part of this earth as their exclusive territory or “homeland”, and never banned anyone from walking in, through or around, their habitats.

Yet we see a snake, perceive mortal danger and either run away or kill it.

Now what about the humans who, through brainwashing or indoctrination, acquire all the evil ways of behaviour and imagine themselves to be God's very special people on earth and their Prophet the very last one that God could send down to earth with the mission to raise his followers to slay all opposition and with the license to abduct and rape any girl they can catch or fancy?

What about the humans who look, speak, behave and dress exactly like us but are possessed by zeal and fanaticism to convert or kill the infidels (Non Muslims) and create specific areas where those having different views and faiths are banned, degraded and discriminated against by Constitution, ethnically cleansed or exterminated?

Please look closer at our Hindusthan. Can one NOT see so many people who look, dress and speak exactly like us but, given a chance, will kill, behead or RAPE a helpless girl, somebody’s daughter or sister if they get an opportunity? What happened in West Punjab that was surrendered to the KILLER SNAKES yesterday and what is happening right now in West Bengal that is still held precariously by our “Broken” Bharat today? What awareness of the snakes is in the head of the Supreme Commander or awareness of the Hindu refugees from Srinagar in the head of the President of Partitioned India?

Does the Prime Minister, living in Ivory Tower, not know of those people who declared themselves a DIFFERENT nation, a “SECOND nation” in India, and rose as one man in rebellion to cut off one third of our Motherland in order to establish their “PAKISTAN”?

We do wish that they, too, were like us in THOUGHT and DEED, shared our loyalty and patriotism towards our SECULAR Hindusthan, and considered "ALL MANKIND ONE FAMILY!" and then brought the breakaway Pakistan and Bangladesh back to Bharat so that we could re-create the great country in which Mahatma Gandhi was born, in which Pranab Mukherjee, the President, and Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister, were born, and in which some of us, too, were born, and in which fathers and grandparents of so many of us were born.

A child can never deny its own mother, or call it a "stranger" or "enemy" after its umbilical cord is cut. In the same way, each and every one of us has a direct connection, or link, only with one spot on this earth and that is where he or she was born. People may be too preoccupied with jobs and raising families all their lives but come the day, long past retirement, when they feel the urge to go back to their place of origin to spend the last days of their lives.

It is the instinct that drives the salmon fish up the streams, rivers and creeks, to the place of their birth.

How disgustingly coward, and despicably divided, weak and ignorant the whole (Hindu) nation is with a thousand views on the Sri Rama Janmasthan in Ayodhya and, above all, that “Partition”, that blindly trusted the traitors to decide our country’s fate so cruelly in 1947 and does not consider or recognise this “homing instinct” in literally tens of millions of us who were forced to flee from our ancestral homes in 1947!

How ludicrous & demeaning it is to require a visa to travel from Dhaka to Kolkata or Patna, or from Amritsar to Lahore or Sri Nankana Sahib!
Only the lowest of the low scum of mankind, calling themselves the “majority community”, could bring this fate upon themselves and then continue to live as normal in such a political, social and cultural stinking “cesspot” like the maggots, decade after decade with no sign of sanity or recovery in sight!

Let us grade, evaluate or assess ourselves, our ancient Hindu nation, and the land of our renowned civilization that produced divine spiritual Gurus, enlightened Mahatmas and holy Saints, with regard to our politics, morality and patriotism if we concede the “SERPENTS” equal rights of free domicile in our human habitats.