Date: 23/06/2014

For those of us who think Hindu issues will be solved with Modi win are mistaken. It is important Hindus raise issues of illegal immigration, Government control of Hindu temples, discrimination in education. Hindu temples is the worst affected by Nehruvians culture of last 6 decades. While they did not destroy 50,000 temples like Aurangzeb in his 50 years rule, they virtually achieved the same by taking hundreds of thousands of temples under Government control and literally destroyed them by making most of them dilapidated and filthy places. No self respecting religion would allow this to happen to their own religion.

Mark this words, notwithstanding Muslims who wish to coexist in India, once Muslims percentage increases beyond 40%, rest of India is done with. Malaysia declared Islamic state with just 49% Muslims. There is no point in giving stupid excuses that there are good Muslims, they are irrelevant, just as Nazi Germany created Nazi state with support of just 10% Germans.

Please watch Live the speeches from 'All India Hindu Convention' for establishing Hindu Rashtra which is our best chance for an India where all Indians can co-exist. 125 Organizations from India and Overseas are participating in this event.

Please spread the word.

Subject: Fwd: Over 125 Hindu organisations from Bharat and overseas to participate 3rd 'All India Hindu Convention' for establishment of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ HJS
To: Narayana Sd


Namaskar Dear Dharmabhimani,

Let us offer our prayers to God for the successful 3rd ‘All India Hindu Convention’ for establishment of ‘Hindu Rashtram’

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For live streaming click here

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Srinivas Shakelly