Date: 24/06/2014

It was reported some time back about the conversation between the PM of Indonesia and (probably Pakistani) journalist from some Muslim country. The journalist asked him about so much Hinduism in the country whose religion is Islam. The reply given was "our religion is Islam but culture is Bhaarateey, so it will be preserved under all conditions. Now it is mainly restricted in BALI island. But it will stay"

Similar situation is in Muslim Malaysia where Muslims are less than 50%. There construction of temples is still permissible and they are well protected (till now). Other East Asian countries like Korea, ThaIland, Combodia (Kamboj) are Buddhists so not against Bhaarateey cultuyre. Now what Bhaarat has to do is to make a group of all these countries and develop as a unit.

A great suggestion above that is also the need of the hour ("what Bhaarat has to do is to make a group of all these countries and develop as a unit.")

But unfortunately in this there is an element of INITIATIVE that is required.

That is what will ruin the very idea. Hindus do NOT as yet show any initiative. FOR TOO LONG WE HAVE BEEN AT THE "RECEIVING END" (getting invaded, getting defeated, getting robbed & raped, getting tortured, hanged and beheaded, surrendering territory, fleeing for safety, emigrating for sanity, safety and rule of law).

Our LEADERS & RULERS will not do anything that is original, or beneficial, or what does not have the approval of the previous savage slave drivers, that is, the Muslims and the Catholics.

Mentally the Hindu is still a SLAVE. The fact was confirmed after Modiji's swearing in.

On 16 May we saw a Hindu LION emerge suddenly. A Hindu head emerged above the black (Muslm) & grey (Italian) clouds. But we also saw the lion surrounded by goats. So the flock of sheep and goats have not shown any INITIATIVE so far. The LION cannot see his Will & Wishes carried out on his own.

It will take a long time before the Hindus can ACT on the lines suggested by you. In our world there are ideas and suggestions galore, but NONE to "bell the cat". We can do something about it only if we become AWARE of this national collapse through mental paralysis and physical invalidity. Much crippling damage was done by Gandhi and all the Sadhus and Sants in sheer contrast to the leaders elsewhere on earth. After all, let us not forget that India split and fragmented in pools of blood (1947) with huge LOSS of life and territory when MK Gandhi was still alive as our TOP leader!

Thirty odd years ago, seeing the UNO, USA and EU, acting in anti Bharat and anti Hindu ways, someone did bring out the need of establishing ENO (Eastern Nations Organisation), as a counterpart of UNO (that served the interests of the Christian West), with powerful Hindu & Buddhist countries like BHARAT, CHINA, JAPAN, NEPAL, THAILAND, VIETNAM AND SRI LANKA and so on, to be a separate Bloc with immense manpower, resources and clout. The idea perished due to lack of support by Delhi (then under anti Hindu Dynasty, "foreign finger" of the Italian Mafia, and the perpetual terror of Islam), Tokyo and Beijing stayed away.

One cannot take the unwilling donkey by force to trough to drink water. One cannot make the emaciated bird fly out after one opens the door of the cage.