Date: 26/06/2014



What the "Panth" should attend to is INDUSTRIALISATION of East Punjab on the lines of South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Education system should be imparting SKILLS as in countries in Eastern Europe like Poland, Czech republic and Lithuania but not remain only to produce baboo(n)s and clerks.

We need to congratulate EAST BENGAL (now Bangladesh) that is smart in commerce. Seeing the approach of football world cup matches, they started producing football shirts, caps, balls, cups, plates and glasses with football themes. They detected the gap in market. The EXPORT of all these items has brought SIX BILLION DOLLARS to Bangladesh. On the other hand our own ruling dynasty in East Punjab confined to Union Territory, is dull and looking towards the Italian Mafia in Delhi for approval before any step is taken.

The youth in E. Punjab are directionless and wandering about or dreaming of escape abroad. There is neither a world class football team nor a hockey team in the whole State. Still the highest sport at home and abroad is the centuries old kabaddi! The police are rough tough and impolite like the gangsters. How do they compare with the police in Europe, especially in England? They cannot even control the traffic anywhere.

Sikh community is falling back even behind the Indian Muslims who struck when the iron was hot and got away with PAKISTAN after tearing up the cowardly "Gandhian" Hindusthan. Sikh leadership, too, is of very low calibre, still busy in tribal politics. Any religious "parchar" by SGPC is overtaken a hundred times more by the Catholics and the Muslims in Bharat. Even on our home ground we have been battered, bashed and beaten (even massacred).

Those who cannot beat the competition at home are useless abroad. It is a shock to see the Sikhs in 1847 (rulers) and compare them to the ones in 1947 (fleeing refugees). Still we have streets, parks and schools named after Nehru, the Traitor, and Gandhi, the Coward, all over East Punjab.
Who to look up to for correcting the course that altered badly for us on August 15, 1947 when India collapsed at the feet of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and surrendered FIVE provinces unconditionally?
We now desperately want leadership with WORLD VISION.

-Thanks to the contributor in the USA.