Date: 28/06/2014

A senior leader of Congress party in Kerala now says that minority appeasement of his party resulted in alienating large numbers of people towards communal parties. An astounding discovery indeed for this realization of India's old party for which we have to thank Narendra Modi who delivered an electoral defeat to Congress, which was unexpected in its extent and unprecedented as such. Actually do you know that this old or senile party is for equal justice ? If it is so it will be also an unprecedented development, because the equal treatment or equal justice ended in Congress party long time back ever since likes of Tilak left the scene and ever since Gandhis took over. Real Gandhi practiced minority appeasement to the extent he too like Antony to day rued , when surrounded by lot of dead bodies resulting from his appeasement policies that led to partition of India, confessed to his secretary Mahadev Desai, that he can be held 'guilty of betrayal of Hindus'.

And when pseudo Gandhis took over nothing much changed. Preceding and following 26/11/2001 attack on Mumbai Congress led governments in Maharashtra and New Delhi proclaimed Hindu terrorism as responsible. And to date Pakistan spokesmen appearing on Indian TV channels take up this line for their defense, saying 26/11 attack was the work of India itself. Mr. Antony was defense minister in Sonia Gandhi government. Why did not he realize then the harm being done to the country with such minority appeasement ? The answer is simple. The harm was to country then but now in 2014, the harm done is to the party of 2Gs, that dethroned stalwart leaders like him from power and pelf. So this is more catastrophic hence requires amends to get back to power some how if necessary abandoning minority appeasement which will be a tall order of course. But then at least till next elections if some how people are hoodwinked to believe, then the purpose of such hollow pronouncements will be served .

Fortunately not all people can be fooled all of the time.