Date: 24/07/2014

24 Jul 2014.
Lament by NRI (Hindu living abroad):

Things back home are not working out as we visualised. It will be a life-long endeavour to inject spirit in the FLAT deflated Hindu body. TEN MILLION Hindus can gather on one spot (KUMBH FESTIVAL) once every 12 years but vanish without leaving a trace except TEN TONS OF SH*T to pollute River Ganges! Only a million could march on AYODHYA to turn the RUIN into a TEMPLE.

The arch enemy, the average reader of Koran that regards us “Kafir” (to be converted, killed or displaced from land), is again stirring trouble in 'Partitioned Indian Secular State' where we did not expect to see even one since 1947.

There is such a vast difference between the constitutional status of the cowering Hindu in Srinagar (Article 370 of Constitution!), Lahore and Dhaka (Islamic Republics) and the menacing heady Musalman-Beiman-Shaitan-Haiwan in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, fully supported by Italian Mafia. That explains all.

Nehru, the treacherous enemy in friend's garb, the architect of the greatest land surrender on earth, and Hindusthan’s worst ever defeat in history, is still regarded a patriot by the brainwashed perishing Hindus on our own patch, while his mentor, the appeasing surrendering emaciated, barely able to walk unaided, eternally fasting "skeleton in langoTi", fed on goat's milk, is worshipped as Mahatma. Some contrast with the "kirpan carrying" Sikh that robbed the "mouse man" (taking refuge in "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma") of his sleep!

Modi, the courageous Son of Soil, has the same eternal problem. When he tries to give a CALL, he does not find a HINDU to back him against the ever advancing "land grabbing/Kafir killer" BEAST that has already occupied, unchallenged, unopposed, one third of Bapu's 'Akhand Bharat' with eyes firmly set on Delhi where five thousand innocent Sikhs, mostly displaced by the earlier Hindu Holocaust of 1947, were swallowed by Devil in three days in 1984 and deleted from the conscience of the Hindu nation like the word "PARTITION".