Date: 25/07/2014

INDIAN ARMED FORCES FEEL NEGLECTED, DEGRADED AND BETRAYED. (Recall Partition in 1947. Recall the defeat and rout of 1962).

But it is the same Civil that betrayed the Military in 1947 by giving one third of India to the enemy for a song, sidestepping the army, in fact painting the army with "MOONH KAALA" (black tar on face). Both Nehru and Gandhi also betrayed the TENS OF MILLIONS of unsuspecting (trusting) Hindus & Sikhs who "went to dogs and devils", that is, the ISLAMIC killing grounds along with our territory!

If the army's role was to DEFEND territory at all cost, WHAT WAS THE ROLE OF THE CIVIL (Nehru, Gandhi & the "Baboons") at the same time? None has questioned this so far!

Since that day the effort to degrade and INSULT the army by the baboos has never lessened or ceased. It is due to the FEAR of Civil who are like the thieves who fear the police, or in other words the terror of the deserter who fears the firing squad.

Since that day the Indian Army has been "suffering, starving and sulking" while the Civil have been fattening themselves on loot, scams and CORRUPTION.

By long established tradition of slaves over centuries we all relate to rulers, not to territory. At that time NEHRU was unquestionably "above INDIA" that soon DEGENERATED into "INDIRA is India!"

That is where, ideologically & politically, Partitioned India (Bharat Maata) is still suspended, or afloat, up in the air. Destiny is waiting for the General who will cut the ropes and put her two feet on firm ground.