Date: 27/07/2014

The e-mail below is significant.
For Hindus ZERO HOUR (doom) is approaching fast.

It is vital for our survival to "DUMP" the strategical Gandhian fraud of pacifism but MILITARISE ourselves, instead, following the Law of Survival. The last such attempt was in 1699 when Guru Gobind Singhji asked his followers, men, women and children, to carry sword at all times.

Hindu SLAVES at that time were asked to "marry" their KIRPANS (swords) in defiance of the ruling Mohammedan savages just as a SOLDIER "marries" his rifle and hugs it even when asleep. Our Hindusthan is NO land of peace. It has been a BATTLE-FIELD since 712 AD. It still is.

The unprovoked aggression and ATTACK of 1947 has not been replied yet. No "Treaty of Peace" was signed with the "Second Nation" (as the Indian Muslims regard themselves) when Nehru and Gandhi surrendered one third of India to the enemy- unconditionally.

Retaliation, or COUNTER ATTACK, is overdue. We are still living as a defeated nation, fearing further onslaughts on our scared Hindu family in defensive posture, and on our sacred territory.

None of the 50 odd ISLAMIC republics are secular. They are giant "ABBATOIRS" for the Hindu "sheep". Even our own land that turned into killing ground the other day (Pakistan) has EXTERMINATED the Hindus.

PARTITION was a historic turning point when the HINDU nation failed and "died" in broad daylight. All the Muslim scholars and leaders, photos below, are the PROOF of Hindu collapse in Hindusthan. Is there even a SINGLE Hindu counterpart in BOGUSdesh or Pakistan? Is that "Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai" or Hindu Muslim EQUALITY, or, "as per KORAN"?

Can we name a single FOOL who is bitten twice by a snake or scorpion but yet stretches his hand out to stroke one in love? We can see the global changes within our own life time. We saw India mutilated, her map changed radically, but see NO cognizance!

Stalin's statues have been destroyed or consigned to museums and there is NOT ONE statue of HITLER anywhere in Germany though he was the most popular "FUEHRER" (leader) of Germans of all times. Yet in our brainwashed SLAVISH Bharat the whole landscape is dotted with the statues of OBSOLETE and REDUNDANT "Bapu" GANDHI who was a LIABILITY in 1947 and has DEMORALISED even the armed forces who are stuck at the "cease fire line" in Kashmir, once the tourists' paradise.

The Hindu will come of age, the Hindu will become a MAN on the day when just ONE statue of the uninspiring "langoTi-posh" frail skeleton of a man walking with the help of stick and a maiden on either side, is DEMOLISHED. He was the top leader, even revered as "Mahatma", yet failed (FAILED) to give the call, "Defend Akhand Bharat tooth and nail!"

On that day when Gandhi is eliminated from our collective nervous system and "deep frozen" national psyche, the Hindus will become a factor in Hindusthan for political discussions. On that day all the ITALIAN MAFIA and the treacherous "SECOND NATION" will start to "evaporate" like the water thrown on a red hot iron plate.

When will our vast Hindu nation "graduate" in courage & self confidence to deal with the enemy like ISRAEL? When will we disseminate the thought that Hindusthan has been SHRINKING geographically and the Hindus have been continuously massacred and being demoralised, even "WIPED OUT", through selected assassinations, hostile propaganda blasts, bullying, threats of violence, one-way weddings and territorial loss?

Not one of these Muslims (photos below) would have dared to speak out against the MAJORITY community (Hindus) while living and eating in Hindusthan (Partitioned India)?

Hindus need to create a climate, an image, of MANLINESS and "SHAKTI" in which the Muslim "wolves" are seen as "rabbits". If this is not taken on board, the reverse will be the case in DELHI, MUMBAI & KOLKATA as is the case in DHAKA & LAHORE.

We are looking for Hindu LEADERS of the mettle of Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji and NETAJI who speak a new language. The image of the top Hindu ought to be exactly the same as that of the top leader in the tiny State called LITHUANIA (pop. four million).

Their counterpart of "Bapu" is the warrior in full armour, riding his mount, SWORD DRAWN, facing the West. That picture is hung in every office, school, surgery and the Parliament. They have the instinct of survival to DUMP A "GANDHI" IN RUBBISH BIN.

Hindus need urgently to look at PARTITION to discover the truth that Bapu's AKHAND BHARAT was "slaughtered" like the TWO MILLION of the MAJORITY COMMUNITY (his fellow Hindus) in 1947.

What lessons can be learnt or taught if the nation is TERRIFIED of even putting the word "Partition" in its Constitution? Let us be brave to pledge to do so before August 15 next.

27 July 2014.

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Unfortunately Intolerance, arrogance, forceful conversion, incorrect interpretation of religious teachings and desert of divinity and dignity are the core of desert religions. Let them be happy in their small world. Let us pray to give wisdom to this misguided brothers and sisters.


Could Muslims be ever faithful to the country that gives them their daily bread?

भारतीय मुसलमानांची बाजू घेणाऱ्या तथाकथित धर्मनिरपेक्षवादिंना या विषयी काय म्हणावयाचे आहे