Date: 27/07/2014



Regarding “Israel and Hamas are in a cycle of despair” by David Blair, published in your esteemed daily on July 25, 2014, I would like to offer the following comment.

Middle East has been simmering in violence and unrest for as long as one can remember. The original bones of contention have now polarised into territorial claims by Hamas, the radical Palestinian organisation.

UNLIKE INDIA that could simply give away five provinces (nearly half the size of Europe) to the so-called “indigenous” Muslim aggressors and bullies on one day (August 15, 1947), tiny Israel cannot afford to shrink in size even by one inch while facing an enemy that is determined to wipe her off the surface of the earth.

Had Israel been th size of India, she could have yielded her lands likewise to "buy" peace.

To save her skin from the intolerant “land grabbing” brutal "beasts", India surrendered nearly five provinces unconditionally to “buy” peace on permanent basis. The land mass given away “for a song” could accommodate 20 Israels!

The Islamic “Thank you” was instant extermination of the non Muslim minorities in Pakistan and the simultaneous invasion of Kashmir. Today the Islamic State of Pakistan has only one export, international terrorism.

Partition of India has a lesson for Israel. TRANSFER OF POPULATION.

If India could peacefully absorb 15 million (non Muslim) refugees without a murmur, surely all the 50 ISLAMIC republics on earth can also receive and accommodate a mere two million Palestinians.

Pakistan alone could settle all the displaced Palestinians in the areas from where the Hindus and Sikhs were forced out in 1947. This is the only way to bring permanent peace to the Middle East.

Muslims across the world should be told to accept and respect Israel just as they expect the world to accept their own (separatist, intolerant and provocative) Islamic Republics.

A better solution does not come to mind.

Yours truly


July 27, 2014.