Date: 22/03/2013

March 22, 2013

ACT! for America delivers over 1,200 letters of support for teacher being bullied by CAIR-Washington

This past Tuesday a church in Concrete, Washington, which seats about 150 people, was filled to standing room only by over 450 people, many of whom stood outside the church in the rain, looking in through open windows.

The occasion?

A rally in support of Mary Janda.

Ms. Janda, a local veteran school teacher, has been falsely accused by the Washington affiliate of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) of making “anti-Muslim” remarks in her classroom.

It was estimated that about half of those turning out came from outside of Concrete, many of them ACT! for America members or those who heard about the rally from ACT! for America.

Kerry Hooks, Washington director for ACT! for America, delivered over 1,200 letters of support for Ms. Janda that ACT! for America members had emailed since we alerted the nation a week ago about CAIR-Washington’s assault on Ms. Janda’s fine reputation.

You, the chapter leaders and members of ACT! for America, showed Mary Janda that she’s not alone in this fight. You proved once again how ACT! for America is making a difference!

See a local media report HERE

Ms. Janda, during a class discussion on bullying, accurately described Hamas and the Taliban as organizations that use violence to intimidate and bully others.

One of her students complained to her father, a Muslim, who filed a complaint with CAIR-Washington.

The school district investigated the incident and found Ms. Janda had done nothing wrong.

But CAIR-Washington didn’t “CAIR.” It never talked to the teacher. Its agenda has been clear from day one—smear the good name of a dedicated teacher to reinforce its bogus claims that Muslims in America are frequent victims of civil rights abuses.

Of course, another agenda may be operating here. CAIR has been affirmatively connected to Hamas by our government. Could it be that CAIR-Washington is upset that Ms. Janda dared to speak the truth—that the terrorist organization Hamas “bullies” people?

Five years ago, in a community that knew little about CAIR, Mary Janda would have been an easy target for the bullying tactics employed by CAIR.

Not now. Thanks to YOU—the large grassroots presence of ACT! for America—tens of thousands of people know what’s happening in Concrete, Washington. Mary Janda has been connected to pro bono legal counsel. Hundreds of people turned out to support her, and three times that many sent messages of support to her.

Together, we ARE making a difference.