Date: 31/07/2014

An Ode

On The 66th Independence Day
We Have Certainly Lost Our Way,
As Criminals And Crooks Hold Sway.

Parliament Has Become A Den Of Crooks,
As At The Law They Cock A Snook.
Instead Of Law And Order,
We Have More Rapes And Murder.

With The Dollar At More Than Sixty,
Second Fastest Growing Economy Is A Fancy.
Years Of Congress Misrule,
See How The People They Fool.

Masters In Corruption And Deception,
Democracy For The Nation Is An Illusion.
Officers Who Fight Against Corruption,
Are Shunted Out And Face Suspension.

Congress Party’s Principal Anxiety,
Is Cosy Comfort For The Dynastic Family.
All Their Grandiose Schemes,
Are Money Minting Themes.

First Was The Scam Of CWG,
Followed By The Coal And 2G.
Sacrosanct Is The Letter G,
To Whom They Bow And Scrape,
Their Main Route For Escape.

All Kinds Of Mafias Flourish,
As The Government Watches With Relish,
And Bows Down To Their Wish.

The Country Is On The Way To A Banana Republic,
Eventually To Become A Crumbling Relic.
The Prime Minister Is Like A Sphinx,
He Is The Country’s Biggest Jinx,
His Hallmark Is Studious Silence,
For Total Lack Of Governance.

But The World He Keeps Roaming,
And Makes Deals Without Speaking
And What We Get Is Nothing.

Two So Called Wizard Singhs
Ignorant Of The Country’s Happenings.
Have No Concept Of What Is Poverty,
By Heaping On The Nation More Misery,
With Cockeyed Figures Of Mockery.

The Government Has No Guts Or Firm Policy,
Hence For Neighbors We Become Suckers Juicy.
Instead Of A Fast Growing Economy,
We Have Become A Stuttering Pygmy!!

So What Use Is An Independence Day Celebration,
When Our Much Lauded Democracy Is A Massive Hallucination!!