Date: 01/08/2014

Please see below what Sri Natwar Singh says about Bofors. As you know he was foreign minister in UPA I govt and has been life long Congress leader since the days of Nehru. Yet he is a nationalist and had some independent views and mind,in SoniaG's dispensation. Hence he was ousted in food for oil deal with then Iraq's Saddam Hussein regime. Now if indeed what he says about Bofors is true, that Rajiv Gandhi did not benefit from the scandal,in fact he did not get a penny, then who did ?

If indeed what he says is accurate, then it proves incidentally that is what our ancients gave us, a good tradition to follow in matters of marriage.

When Rama won the contest, as well as hand of Sita there by, he did not right away consent to marriage, but wanted his father notified and if he agrees then marriage will proceed.

Truly in these matters, father knows best. It holds good to day in general, of course there are always variation and exceptions. Youth given to influence of hormones fall head over heels with each other without knowing any thing else such as family history, boy or girl's backgrounds , often leading to turmoil later.
Much heralded stability in families of India is attributed to old fashioned traditions. However as you know there also things are happening under catchall modernism which are not right.

Traditions prevent unforeseen calamities said Swami Vivekananda. Hence unless some thing better comes along it is far better to stick to time tested values that served our society well.

Back to Bofors.

Former Au pair obviously not a Prime Minister material , even though following events with her alliance with Rajiv Gandhi she was elected twice by Congress party which by that time lost all its marbles, having only sycophants rather than any one else who can say no to supremo. Mr. Natwar Singh would have done even better if he told us as to who was the beneficiary of Bofors, if not Rajiv Gandhi. Surely late Quattrochi alone could not have pocketed the entire proceedings of commissions in the deal, which by the way , compared to subsequent mega scandals was just a chump change.

But then some things are better left unsaid. It is for the government to bring out facts and prosecute . Of course UPA was not going to do that. Let us see if BJP led one dispenses justice and serves the nation there by, not just in Bofors but in all other scams that followed , all having common theme, same suspect as major beneficiary .