15th August is a Day of Mourning.

Date: 04/08/2014

15th August is a Day of Mourning.

It is a day when the country was

It is a day when lakhs of our countrymen
were chased out of their hearths and homes,
and butchered.

It is a day, when a great number of our Matra Shakti
became widows, their children snatched, molested,
converted to Islam.

It is a day when our Matra Shakti were dishonoured
by those who demanded Pakistan.

It is a Day of Mourning not because of an outsider,
but an Insider and his Chandaal Chokri, who approved
the partition without any mandate.


Re: Why do we celebrate Independence Day?

Very sound idea to celebrate the day Shri Modi assumed power.
It was the first time in a thousand years that we saw a Hindu ruling Hindusthan.


SUB: Why do we celebrate Independence Day on 15th August of every year?

Is it because:-

Our Country has been vivisected on this ‘historic day’

Hindus & Sikhs in lakhs were Massacred, Slaughtered, Butchered and Murdered prior to the partition of the country

Five provinces of our Country have been mercilessly chopped off and handed over to the enemy on a silver platter

Even the remaining part of ‘India’ was divided into Five-Hundred-and-Fifty-Four (554) ‘independent’ principalities with a clear option to remain out of Indian domain (but for the patriotic Sardar Patel, God knows what would have happened to our Country)

Political power transferred from White marauder to Black brigand (who proved to be, even more dangerous to our country)

Are we to celebrate only for the above reasons?

Or, are we to celebrate because:-
We have a country that, even today doesn’t have a NAME of its own (it is still called INDIA)

Our national flag has three colours. Even to this day no one is able to define the particular significance or distinctiveness of these three colours (we already have a National flag of our own since time immemorial – however this has been disregarded)

We have an Official language, but not a National language so far. Samskrutam is still a far cry ....

We have a national anthem, the meaning of which is still being debated. Many say it is composed in the honour of King George V during his visit to ‘India’ in 1911

Three (3) Newspapers carried the following report about the event:

The Bengali poet Babu Rabindranath Tagore sang a song composed by him specially to welcome the Emperor (Statesman, Dec. 28, 1911)

The proceedings began with the singing by Babu Rabindranath Tagore of a song specially composed by him in honour of the Emperor (Englishman, Dec. 28, 1911)

When the proceedings of the Indian National Congress began on Wednesday 27th December 1911, a Bengali song in welcome of the Emperor was sung. A resolution welcoming the Emperor and Empress was also adopted unanimously (Indian, Dec. 29, 1911).

It would be more appropriate for us to celebrate our Independence Day on 26th May, every year

because it is on this day, that Sri Narendra Damodara Das Modi

assumed office as Prime Minister of real independent Bharat.