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Nominating a ‘Hard Core SIMI Man’ and ‘Fundamental Editor’ for a Rajya Sabha Seat by Mamata Banerjee and TMC is too dangerous for the existence of Hindus in West Bengal.
Posted by hinduexistence on January 23, 2014.

Subversive TMC is trying to send a SIMI leader in Rajya Sabha from West Bengal. Nefarious communal ploy to pledge an Islamic Bengal by Mamtaz Banu Arjee.

Upananda Brahmachari | Kolkata | January 22, 2014:: It is right to term as a filthiest darkness of Bengal politics in modern times as the Pro Muslim and subversive All India Trinmool Congress feels die hard to send a SIMI man in Rajya Sabha from West Bengal. Head lost Mamata Banerjee, the pseudo secular polemic Chief Minister of Bengal has declared the name of Ahmed Hassan Imran, the most controversial Editor “Dainik Kalom” and the infamous founder of Bengal Branch of SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) as a TMC nominated Rajya Sabha (Upper house of Indian Parliament) candidate from West Bengal.

When SIMI is still a banned fundamental organization in Bharat (India) and the daily editions of ”Dainik Kalom” clearly tell the rapid introduction and establishment of Islamic ‘Millat‘ (Religious Community) and the ‘Tahajib & Tamaddun‘ (Culture and Civilization) in Bengali Muslims and heading to influence the society and politics of Bengal in a very fanatical way, the Muslim appeasement of the ruling party of West Bengal blindfolded its supremo to nominate such a fundamental identity in the ticket of TMC.

Interestingly, Mamata Banerjee, the Islamist Chief Minister of West Bengal, inaugurated the Daily Edition of Kalom (the Jihadi Bengali daily News paper) to revamp a Pan Islamic propaganda in the month of April 2012 in a Kolkata auditorium. (Most probably 6th April 2012 in Kolkata Town Hall).
The editor of ‘Dainik Kalom’, Imran Hasan is also very close to all leading Islamic fanatics viz. AIDUF Chairman Badaruddin Azmal, MIM fanatic Akabaruddin Owaisis and Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, as Imran has a communal legacy of Aligarh University where he founded SIMI in 1977 under the leadership of Mohammad Ahmadullah Siddiqi and Imran was elected as the founder President (Ameer-e-halka, Magribi Bangal) of SIMI Bengal zone. To inculcate Jihad to reach a Pan Islamic destination Imran had successfully operated many missions in favour of Jamat-e-Islaimi-Hind and many other NGOs and even through Islamic Development Bank. Ahmed Hassan Imran acted as key person of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in eastern zone of India. IDB wants to jeopardize the general banking methods by introducing the ideology of Islamic Banking system to strengthen the financial power of ‘momins’ (believers) and control and exploit the money power of the non-Muslims.

Imran had played a very critical role to drive away the Bengali writer Taslima Nasreen from Kolkata and stopped the Bengali Serial ” Dusahobas” by Taslima as it was finalized to telecast from a Kolkata based TV channel.

This man Imran has an outstanding Islamic record to contribute enough to make a land of Islam in India staring from West Bengal and Assam. And for this exemplary contribution, the most adorned Islamic Icon of Bengal Mamata Banrjee (most of people call her Mamtaz Banu Arjee), nominated a hard-core SIMI and Islamic activists for a Rajya Sabha Seat so that the Islamic voice may rant the well of Indian Parliament. Vote bank politics of Mamata Banerjee drags Bengal Politics once again at the verge of communal separation for the divisive approach of the State.

Mamata Banerjee is playing with the communal fire of divisive politics. To allure the 36% Muslim voters of West Bengal, her compulsiomns and concessions to the Muslim community is beyond of any imagination. Her polemics of ’Change’ in Bengal is now only synonymous for ‘Islamic Change’ in Bengal. Sanctioning of 10000 un-recognized Madrasas in Bengal was the 1st change of gear in that Islamic straight drive in West Bengal. After that the drive touched many cross-roads of 4 Haj Towers, Islamic Township in Rajarhat, Cycle distributions and free Railway passage only for Muslim girl students, establishments of various Muslim colleges, technical schools and nurses training colleges for Muslim students, hugely subsidized loan for unemployed Muslim youths, increased reservation for Muslim OBCs, declaring 90% Muslims of Bengal as OBC, Honorarium for Imams and Muazzins (even after HC of Calcutta denied it) and even the establishment Muslim hospitals.
Think a refusal of a Hindu or a non-Muslim patient by a nearest Muslim Hospital brought as an accidental case and the non-admittance of the unfortunate patient for the exclusiveness of that Muslim Hospital meant for ‘Muslims Only’. The fertile brain of Mamata Banerjee is now stuffed with the excreta of Camels of Arabic deserts. And with her prolific allowance and admittance , the most propagators and supporters of ‘Shariyat’ and ‘Talibanic atmosphere’ in Bengal are now the most privileged class of Bengal. That is the suicidal story of change in evaluation by TMC and its Supremo for the Bengali Hindu Voters who tremendously helped TMC and Mamata Banrejee for her great victory in the State Assembly and elected her as the CM of WB. But, TMC and Mamata Banerjee are killing now all Hindu interest, only to appease Muslims of Bengal and TMC can be termed as Total Muslim Congress for its Islamic agenda. For this time, TMC is sending a SIMI man in Rajya Sabha and they will definitely send the fundamentalists like Nurar Rehman Barkati (Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque), Taha Siddiki (Furfura Shariff) or Md Kamruzzaman (Minority Youth Federation) in the next Lok Sabha.

The Islamic agenda of TMC and its Supremo Mamata Banerjee is very dangerous for the freedom and existence of Bengali Hindus in West Bengal. The attitude of Mamata Banerjee and the Islamic operators in her party is grossly violating the ethics of democracy and civil society. Mamata and TMC collaborators are dividing the Bengal society in the Hindu Muslim basis. They are also flouting the minimum sense of humanity by ignoring the pain and problems of the Hindu refugees from Bangladesh came recently to this land after being tortured, terrorized and driven out from Bangladesh. The stories of the victims of up-growing Islamic violence in the rural and suburban West Bengal are almost same. Why the champion of minority rights in West Bengal, are so silent for the tears of Hindu minority people in Bangladesh just beyond the border? In many places of West Bengal, Hindus are compelled to bear with the attacks of Islamic hooliganism supported by ruling parties, police and administration. The situation of West Bengal is felt suffocating for the Hindus under the ‘Change’ or de facto ‘Muslim raj’ of Mamata Banerjee.

People knew about the sleeper cell of Indian Mujaheddin, ISI, DGFI and other Islamic outfits in West Bengal. But, they never thought about the existence of any sleeper cell of Jihadi elements within TMC under the full protection of Mamata Banerjee herself. It is also heard that the TMC is going to tie up with AIDUF and AIMIM like communal parties in the next parliamentary election.
Nominating a SIMI man, fundamental journalist and a propagator of Jihad like Ahmed Hassan Imran, by TMC and Mamata Banerjee and his win in Rajya Sabha, if happens, will be a catastrophic stroke to the Indian democracy, integrity and sovereignty. Jihad is no good for India and the world too.
Division of India started from division of Bengal. Muslim League was founded in 1906 at Dhaka in undivided Bengal. Now, the same situation of communal spat is occurring in divided Bengal for another division? Hassan Imran may appear in the role of Jinnah, Khawaja Nazimuddin and Chief or Suhrawardy. Manata Banerjee is helping to grow that Islamic tree to bear dangerous fruits of Islamic Jihad for division.

Hindus of West Bengal must condemn, hate and reject TMC and Mamata Banerjee for causing a fatal Jihad in West Bengal.

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