Date: 06/08/2014

When cracks appear in "enemy" ranks there is no Hindu organisation to react and exploit the situation to our advantage.

The result is that the cracks remain or get healed or get cured, and the anti Hindu behemoth moves on (despite Partition!) to convert or destroy the Hindus.

We need to have a motivated Hindu organisation, an ideological cell, an alert watchdog, that could transcend, even reverse, centuries old dogmas, such as "Remain a Muslim but become a better Muslim!" (Guru Nanak) and, "We Hindus do not convert or invite anyone to come to our Hindu fold," universally held view among us.

Such "moral superiority" (complacency), created by terror of Islam and fear of the Pope, has proved LETHAL to our nation. The result was apathy and weakness (PARTITION) and the ongoing aggression against the Hindus even WITHIN Bharat.

This fallacy does not take into account the fact that "good" Muslims or the NON Hindus in our midst can join up and become the "devils" years, decades, even centuries later, to attack our land of birth and disembowel millions of Hindus within days!

Both Christianity (especially the followers of the Pope) and the Muslims are extremely well funded, resourced, MOTIVATED, and prepared to exploit any weakness among the Hindus such as the "well hammered" bogus "secularism" (that 'Bandit' Nehru inflicted on the Hindus), caste system, extremely dull social & "sudhaar" (reformation) agenda of temples, and ZERO propensity or wish of the "yielding, retreating, vanishing" Hindus, to COMMEND own religion to the others, or to CONVERT.

The result is before our eyes all over not only in U,P., Kerala, Karnataka and West Bengal (increasing Muslim aggression and numbers). To cap it all even in the Sikh homeland (EAST Punjab) the WEAKNESSES are being exploited by the "aliens & enemies" as more churches and MOSQUES are coming up, drug culture on rapid increase, large scale emigration due to frustration, and lack of spirit among the young and old. Hammer blow of Partition, the loss of West Punjab and capital Lahore, malicious targeting by Centre (under draconian anti Hindu Bandit's Dynasty, Italian Mafia & violent Islam) have practically destroyed the tiny but brave Sikh community of Bharat.

The time has come to grab this NETTLE by both hands. Need of the hour is to create a powerful and well "organised, well funded and highly MOTIVATED" Hindu hard core organisation that could react promptly to any sign of disillusionment among the followers of Mohammed of Mecca, and reach out to "embrace or rescue" the dithering confused souls (Muslims).

Hindus not only need to INCREASE relatively in numbers but also get aware of the enemy EYES fixed on our remaining territory in this shrinking world when the noose is tightening around the Hindus (collective) necks.

After Lahore,it will be Srinagar and Delhi next and then Kolkata and Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). Hindu nation, please wake up and REACT!

6 Aug 2014 (anniversary of the devastating nuclear attack on Hiroshima. Is such fate for DELHI unthinkable?).