Date: 06/08/2014

Every nation has two tiers, general masses and the rulers.
If such wisdom and knowledge, as we see in the e-mail below, remains at the lower level only (masses) but does not touch or move the top level, i.e., the RULERS, such discoveries remain futile and fizzle out. The nation enters another disaster like Partition.


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5 August ,2014
Yesterday was 100 the anniversary of I st world war, started in 1914. To day, August 5, 2014 Japan is remembering Hiroshima, subjected to Atom bomb attackSuch devastating wars are not things of past. While the news stories about smaller wars like in Ukraine or middle east are making headlines, behind the glare of such news items, quietly or not so quietly preparations are already in progress for even more disastrous calamity to the world by forces either overlooked or provided apologia digression or cover up by many 'useful idiots' spread throughout the world. India is very familiar with these elements who held history as well as politics captive until recently peddling stories of non existent virtues of Jihadi forces.

Here is a picture of Islamic State of Iraq , Syria and Levant, the new Caliphate .
An image uploaded on June 14, 2014 on the jihadist website Welayat Salahuddin allegedly shows militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) executing dozens of captured Iraqi security forces members at an unknown location in the Salaheddin province. (AFP Photo) An image uploaded on June 14, 2014 on the jihadist website Welayat Salahuddin allegedly shows militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) executing dozens of captured Iraqi security forces members at an unknown location in the Salaheddin province. (AFP Photo)

The scene is not much different from what happened to India in the past. Here is a image from that past which shows cut off heads of Sikhs being paraded by Mughal army.

Even worse atrocities were perpetrated to Kings and commoners alike, to who ever defended India . Many are familiar with, there are ruins still will show the atrocities perpetrated from Nalanda to Hampi, so need not be elaborated.

Now what the modern day Caliphate ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Gazwa E Hind in Pakistan, various sundry supporters of them in India are planning , is to reenact similar scenes again. And spokesmen in Pakistan, revered Mullahs make no secret of their plans such as to cut the heads of Kafirs until all of India ,not just already partitioned and parceled out to Pakistan , is converted to Islam and a mega Pakistan comes up.

It is to such elements in the past our usual suspects, the seculars, provided excuses such as, they made giant contributions to music and cooking , some even went to the extent of saying the Moslem invaders taught Sankara , Advaita philosophy , and Bhakti to Ramanuja. Of course they also uplifted lower castes taking time off from their massacres,loots of temples. Even looting was assigned altruistic motives not by Moslem invaders or their chroniclers but gratuitously provided by our usual suspects who said loot was only for purposes of distributing wealth to poor people.

As Arun Shourie said if one says Rama was not born in Ayodhya but in Afghanistan, to counter such blatant fabrication it takes a month , meanwhile since the lies have speed they spread to confuse the gullible. Similarly to counter such assertions , virtues attributed like uplifting lower castes, giant contributions it takes time and will be digression. Suffice it to say they are all bogus.

Remember no body can tell just one lie. So some more are added just to make sure the so called composite culture of India which evolved under aegis of cut throats is held in high esteem. So the same eminent historians assigned non-existent vices to India's heroes and saints. Guru Tegh Bahadur was a bandit and Shivaji was mountain rat, the description is taken from Mughal records.

We cannot condemn too strongly such fifth columnists and apologists of perpetrators of most gruesome crimes against humanity especially in the light of what is happening to day, especially to women and children under dispensation of ISIS or various Jihadi outfits in Pakistan and elsewhere.

India ignored or perhaps out of misplaced compassion overlooked, the nature and mentality of invader to let him go unscathed repeatedly and paid heavy price. Earlier hostile forces gathered strength outside natural frontiers of India, out side Khyber and Bolan to pour into India, now the distance is shortened thanks to peculiar non violence that was followed which rewarded most gruesome violent acts , entire states or regions of India to become a permanent, that is as long it exists, enemy of India. Here also there is no secret. The Gazwa E Hind headquartered in Pakistan , asserted that Pakistan was formed precisely for the purpose of decapitating entire Hindu population in remaining India or convert them. Some may think, it is madness and impossible. May be so, but such opinions do not count because what followers of fiery Mullahs advocating such measures think and act as exhorted is what counts. Is Created For Ghazwa-e-Hind & Nishat-e-Sania (Irfan-ul-Haq Sahib)
by SpiritualPakista

by om99vids
Zaid Ahmed on Gazwa E HindWatch Later

As you can see already preparations are being made, what ever one or many in India think, for final solution to pestering problem of presence of Kafirs still in India. And these enemy armies do not have to cross seas or come through mountain passes, they are already in India, sort of , for after all Pakistan was parceled out of India , no Moslem invader brought any territory with him . And then they buttress their assertions with prophesies, hadiths as well as assurances of heaven with all its luxuries to holy warriors Jihadis amassing in Pakistan. Even Pakistan army which styles itself as sword of Islam , is considered incapable of fulfilling this sacred obligation but only Mujahuddin will have to do it. Hence they are raising them ind droves, above videos as well as related ones you could search will make it clear. Age is no bar to recruit, here are some more Jihadis in training,

As you can see in the pictures below preparations are already being made in this regard to recruit Jihadis from Gaza to Pakistan. Even a highly learned Indian Mullah India asserted he could supply 500,000 Jihadis from India to fight along side Islamic Caliphate army, ISIS . Age is no bar for recruit for Jihad. See the pictures below, even children , infants are being trained for the purpose.In Kashmir too the 'freedom fighters' did just that. An urchin tried to throw a grenade at passing Indian patrol vehicle. Being immature the grenade exploded in his hands, blowing them off. The compassionate Indian army personnel took pity, rendered first aid, transported him to a hospital saving his life.

So using children for the purpose of jihad against Kafirs is practiced in India also not just in Gaza or west Asia.

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(These are the images they DON'T show)

Please help show these pictures to the world.
Of course these pictures are from Gaza but the mindset is same as that of Gazwa E Hind which wants to wipe out India while these kids are trained by peace loving Islamists to erase Israel. And then there is ISIS and Levant nearby as well with its own agenda not dissimilar with any of other Jihadi outfits stretching from S Arabia to Pakistan. They may be different but their unity for a common purpose will prevail until their stated aim to end India, hence they call it Endia, is fulfilled , then what happened in Pakistan i.e. fight with each other, may take place. But we cannot afford to wait that long to find a solution, after all even Kafirs want to live and want to be free rather than become Dhimmis.

So what can Kafirs do ?

First let not India repeat the same mistakes committed from time of Prithviraj Chuhan to SoniaG's UPA. Valiant, chivalrous Prithviraj gave gifts and presents to defeated enemy and sent him back safely. SoniaG UPA also did the same, with halal mutton but before they could even consider fighting him,let alone defeat the aggressor . Pakistan fought 4 wars and lost, each time it went back with out much loss either in territory or other privileges extended unilaterally by India. Hence now it is seeking final solution to India and Hindu problem,through
1 Mullahs, their prophesies and armies of Jihad
2 Nuclear bombs.

Pakistan already evolved a doctrine where by it wants to overwhelm India with first strike, which will be so incapacitating India will not be able to reply. Our Mahatmas already declared Astra Sanyas saying India will not strike first but wait for other to do so. Such chivalry does not work when facing Jihadi, as the history has shown.

It is not that India wants any war, rightly India's focus remains development and progress . But that does not matter because war already has begun in Pakistan which is making all preparations, so whether India wants or not there is no choice but to face it and fight it.

Let not the previous mistakes be repeated again. Rightly it is said , do not fight the same enemy too many times, because he will know all about you. So let India take Pakistan at its word, let the coming conflict be final one with no more Pakistan to fight against. The start of Ghazwa E Hind should also be the end of it as well as Pakistan that started it. Here are some views from Indian army in this regard.:

Indian Army's ultimate dream .... The start of GHAZWA-E-HIND does ...
14 min - Aug 7, 2013 - Uploaded by MysticLions

The start of GHAZWA-E-HIND does not look far from today. .... its not the type or number of ...India and Indian army have great responsibility not just to defend India but also save civilization for the world. In civilized countries children do not grow up to be killing machines, instead as healers, scientists, teachers, musicians or otherwise productive, creative human beings who will bring joy and enlightenment . Acquiring any knowledge other than how to make bombs or wield AK 47s is a taboo in opposing camp. Hence first thing that happens is burning of libraries, ruining of schools, shooting down girl teachers and abducting girl students under the aegis of likes of ISIS or Gazwa E Hind. Thus the importance of pro-active measures before they could inflict any damage on India and civilized humanity cannot be overemphasized. The time for 'Sama', 'Dana' was over long time back. Given the status of Pakistan riven with internal contradictions time is right to try 'Bheda'. The illustration of US vs USSR is applicable here. US used a consistent strategy to put USSR under pressure using even innocuous Helsinki accords for human rights as a stick to beat with. And a massive propaganda using Voice of America and Radio Liberty were used to disenchant youth in Russia and other communist countries. In India thanks to burka seculars so far self flagellation is used through providing justification as noted earlier to all of Islamist tyrants who are honored as 'Pirs' by Pakistan. However fortunately even without any prompting from Indian side many honest Pakistani intellectuals are getting disenchanted on their own and are trying to chart a new course away from influence of fiery Mullahs. India similarly help Pakistan , weaning it away from destructive path, through informing public there the facts, eg. Pak lost all wars, commited genocide in B'desh as well as educating the youth there the facts of history, atrocities committed by Pirs of Pakistan.
Results could be very well salutary. Remember Berlin wall was pulled down by disenchanted youth of communist E Berlin.Worth a try before calling on Indian army.

Jai Hind.xxxxx