Date: 07/08/2014


Nehru mulled over the idea of his "samadhi" afer his death.

"It could be bigger and grander than Taj Mahal in Agra," he mused. After all, he was extremely popular among the Hindus despite his signing the unconditional surrender of one third of India to the indigenous Muslims.

But he, being a cunning barrister, also knew that sooner or later some (damn) FOOL will cry out, "THE KING IS NAKED!"

What does that cry mean when applied to Nehru?

Nehru was himself afraid of being SHOT DEAD by a HINDU patriot who had escaped the genocide of Hindus in Karachi, Lahore or Dhaka, and then arrived as a penniless REFUGEE IN RAGS in Delhi in 1947, cursing and abusing Nehru (and Gandhi) profusely.

"After that," he thought, "my SAMADHI will become the largest SPITTOON on earth to receive the SPIT of hundreds of millions of proud patriots in Bharat.

His conclusion: Instead of a "Samadhi" like the one at Raj Ghat or the ones, inevitably to be built in the future, for his daughter MAIMOONA BEGUM (called "Indira is India!") and grandson Rajiv (notorious as BOFORS "CHOR") that stand defiantly & disgustingly in New Delhi that the people of Bharat will see in the future, I should LEAVE NO TRACE after I am gone. NEHRU was also aware that he could go in disgrace as a result of bullets fired from a PATRIOT'S pistol!

So his Will, "My ashes should be taken up on an aeroplane and then scattered across (WHAT WAS LEFT OF) India,"

Had Nehru been a true patriot and friend of the MAJORITY community in Bharat, today his Samadhi would have rivalled the TAJ MAHAL in Agra in size and grandeur! But now, WHO CARES FOR "NEHRU, THE DOG"?
(a) P & I
This refers to PALESTINE and ISRAEL. While Israel is crying, "Leave me alone. Let me live in peace," the Palestinians represented by HAMAS declare, "We shall wipe you out from the surface of earth. KNEEL AND EMBRACE ISLAM, OR ACCEPT DEATH!"

(b) P & I
This refers to Pakistan and India. The latter thought that she had "bought" PEACE from the incorrigible DEVILS after surrendering FIVE provinces on one day but the Pakistani devil that came out of the womb of Lady India, could not be quietened or appeased.

The illicit ("haraami") baby with the genetic urge to get back into its mother's womb, has now grown up, as ugly as Frankenstein, and is threatening to WIPE OUT Bharat from the surface of earth and establish the Rule of Mohammed (Sharia Law) in Delhi and the rest of peaceful & progressive Hindu "desh" (country) that is constantly being threatened, "We shall wipe you out from the surface of earth. KNEEL AND EMBRACE ISLAM, OR ACCEPT DEATH!"

The Pakistani terrorists at home and from across the border keep on their murderous game in accordance with their strategy (KORAN) to INTIMIDATE and BLEED the Hindus till death.

The tragedy is again NEHRU'S handiwork. After accepting and acknowledging ISLAM in the Constitution of Pakistan he deleted the word "HINDU" with utmost CONTEMPT from his own, and declared the defeated TRUNCATED helpless & unfortunate Bharat a "secular" Republic so that she could again become the host to the Devils.

D minus 8
August 7, 2014.