Date: 07/08/2014

I think, the main reason for such things is the psyche of the persons which has been influenced and created right from the childhood to hate and kill persons from the other communities. Time has now come not only for India but also for the world, to ban books which, directly or indirectly preach violence against other communities irrespective of whether they are religious or otherwise. This is the need of the hour for world peace and if humanity is to survive.


On Thursday, 7 August 2014 7:51 PM,..... wrote:

What happened in Saharanpur (UP) was a clear cut litmus testing of newly established Modi-BJP government. It is very unfortunate but that is the way majority of muslims population have ben acting & dealing since hundreds of years in Bharat. More than the government which is bound to practice the constitution of the day, the fault lies in the hands of Hindus who allow the muslims for doing unconstitutional things in their community. There is no place in Bharat where muslims or Hindus are completely isolated in separate blocks. If they live together, they also must behave friendly, neighborly and take action before such incidents.

Government machinery including police can't be standing for the protection everywhere. A community of diverse population must create a self-protection vigilance squad in every neighborhood and to act within minutes. There was a time when a son/brother would die for of his mother/sister insult let alone sexually assault. Today, these young men, although in love with actor like Salman Khan of 'Dabang', actually are coward and carry no pride in their heart to sacrifice their personal life.