Date: 10/08/2014

Rt. Hon. David Cameron, MP
Prime Minister
House of Parliament


Dear Rt. Hon. Cameron,

You, your Govt, your predecessor and his Govt have made enough bad, bizarre, reckless and utter silly decisions like a poodle of USA over Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Syria ( please read world renowned journalist Max Hastings article in the DAILY MAIL and it's editorial page dated 9 August 2014) then DON'T add another one by erecting a statue of British stooge, pervert, paedophile, responsible for partition and as a result of genocide of two million Hindus/Sikhs by the very people of your very favorite Warsi ( I even refuse to call her Baroness as she does not worth it).

Is it a reward you want to give to British stooge Gandhi? Gandhi was an axillary soldier of Brits in South Africa (photo enclosed) and was responsible of recruiting Indians for Brit Army there. When world's greatest muslim leader ever Kemal Ataturk wanted to modernize the muslims with secular ideology; half-naked Gandhi went all the way against Ataturk through his Khilafat movement. The British SCROOGE Gandhi's game plan was to slow down the freedom movement by making the 65% hindus GOATS AND SHEEPS and promoting the violence of Muslims in a subtle and clever way. And this game of Gandhi did not stop even after partition in 1947 ( No one should give me that rubbish India got independence in 1947, in reality it was partitioned without referendum by the evil designs of British, Musalmans, Jinnah, Gandhi and Nehru causing death of two million hindus/sikhs and thirty-five millions were made refugees. In the entire history of mankind such a catastrophe has never been seen or heard and all because of Mountbatten and Brit's policy to punish India before leaving the CROWN JEWEL OF BRIT EMPIRE).

I enclosed an article by Dominic Kennedy in The Times of Gandhi dated 9 August 2014.

So wake to good sense rather making decision like a disaffected child in a special school and don't waste anymore Brit taxpayer and ratepayers money (including my share in it) to erect a statue of despicable Gandhi.

The present PM, in spite of many good qualities shows himself a Gandhi Walla because Mr. Modi being a Gujju has a tendency being bias towards Gujjus like Gandhi and Patel (another Gandhi's lifelong stooge who never stood up to him) and plan to built world's biggest Statue of V B Patel in Gujarat. Please advise him in your next meeting with him, instead the money should be spent to built more sanitation facilities and population control in India, the first and foremost need of India.
Thank you,

A British Tax and Rate Payer

Thank you for your write up on MK Gandhi whose name is being used by the world's most corrupt rulers, including the Italian Mafia.

Someone had to shout, "THE KING IS NAKED!" We congratulate you for being the one who did just that.

Aug 10, 2014/
Sent: 10/08/2014 02:13:50 GMT Daylight Time

Published in “The Times,” London, August 9, 2014.

Gandhi statue ‘would be an affront to women’

Dominic Kennedy, Investigations Editor.

The founder of the Indo-British Heritage Trust has condemned a proposed statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Parliament Square as “unspeakable and absolutely unacceptable” because of the Indian independence leader’s sexual exploitation of young women.

Kusoom Vadgama. 82, revered the Mahatma when she was a schoolgirl, unaware that he used to sleep with naked teenage girls in self-designed tests of his celibacy.

She has spoken out because the recent spate of gang rapes and hangings of rape victims in India suggests that women are still disrespected and used as objects by some men there.

“My anger is because of the last three years, the way Indian women are treated in India is despicable and unacceptable,” Dr Vadgama told The Times, “Gandhi was obsessed with sex and it has all been hush-hushed for all these years. He had a habit of sleeping naked with women including his great niece and other married women to see if he could control himself.

“I find it absolutely disgusting that he used women as specimens for his own experiments,” she said.

Dr Vadgama recalled that Gandhi’s personal conduct was criticised by contemporary politicians. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Indian prime minister, is said to have denounced Gandhi’s attitude to sex as unnatural.

“No man, hero or a villain, has the right to put women to this level of debasement. What is unbelievable is the fact that no one dare point a finger at Gandhi,” Dr Vadgama said. “It has taken me decades to speak openly. If the recent abuse, killing and hanging of women in India was not such an emotive experience, I would have kept quiet.

“I know I will be pilloried but those who disagree with me have to prove me wrong,” she added.

The Gandhi statue was announced last month by George Osborne, the chancellor, and William Hague, then foreign secretary, during a trade mission to India.

Mr Osborne said in Delhi, “As father of the largest democracy in the world, it’s time for Gandhi to take his place in front of the mother of parliaments.”

Dr Vadgama is chairwoman of this year’s 400th anniversary celebrations of Britain’s relationship with India. She pointed out that there was already a statue of Gandhi less than two miles away in Tavistock Square, suggesting a more suitable candidate for a statue would be Dadabhai Naoroji, the first Indian MP, elected in 1892 for Finsbury Central. Jad Adams, author of Gandhi: Naked Ambition, said that some of the women Gandhi used for his experiments in self-restraint had been still in their teens. Since he slept between two girls at a time, British soldiers crudely nicknamed him the “virgin sandwich.”

Adam said, “He could only do what he did with these women because women weren’t considered very important in Indian society… Gandhi could only get away with it because the lawyer that he was defined sex specifically as vaginal penetration and if you didn’t do that, it wasn’t sex.”

Adams said that after partition, Gandhi was promoted as a unifying “father of the nation” figure who was absolutely pure. Even today “anyone who raises their head above the parapet to make these sort of criticisms of Gandhi is going to be hit pretty hard in India.”


Peace and love

+Gandhi was married aged 13 to a girl of 14. At 16, he felt guilty when his father died; he left his father’s death bed to have sex with his wife.

+He rose to prominence fighting for the rights of Indians in South Africa enduring racial discrimination.

+Winston Churchill scorned Gandhi as “a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well known in the east, striding half naked up the steps of the viceregal palace.”

+He discouraged men in his ashram from having sex with their wives, then went to bed with the women. He said that when he bathed with a woman, he kept his eyes shut.



The whole world knows that Mr MK Gandhi was the perfect stooge that suited the British Empire perfectly. Here was an emaciated “man”, a coward by own admission, who was dead set against any show of strength or national unity to win freedom from the colonial yoke. What better could the foreign rulers of the time wish for?

An historic event took place in 1947, that was supposed to be India’s Independence but turned out to be her DEATH. The British ‘defence shield’ was lifting and India lay “naked and exposed” to the prospect of rape and mutilation like “Nirbhaya”, the young medical student in New Delhi on 16 December, 2012


Like the helpless school girls abducted by Boko Harami in Northern Nigeria on 14 April, 2014


or like the ones captured by the murderous men of “Islamic State” in Northern Irak who beheaded the men and are raping the girls and women right now! (August 10, 2014).


That was the state of our cherished SECULAR “Akhand Bharat” (United India) when our Hindu nation put all faith in the man who is called “Gandhi, the Goat” in Punjab, the Province that is now ONE FIFTH of its original size in 1947.

It was a fateful time for India and a “litmus test” for Gandhi’s courage and PATRIOTISM. HE FAILED on both counts.

As a result our “Akhand Bharat” broke up VIOLENTLY into three fragments. In the days just before August 15, 1947, local Hindu and Sikh leaders were making frantic telephone calls to Mr Gandhi asking for guidance whether to stay put or flee. Till the last moment Gandhi showed NO moral courage to admit his crushing defeat by the Muslim leader, Mr Jinnah. On the contrary, he advised them to “stay put” since he was determined to prevent the mutilation of India. His boast, “India will be cut upon my dead body,” still echoes in the minds of millions of Indians whose kith and kin were massacred or raped as a result of his advice to “stay put!”

For that historic defeat and vast territorial surrenders under his “leadership”, people will not wish to see his statue in London, the city that has the statues of only the bravest. And if one is built despite this warning then it will have to be guarded day and night to keep it clean. All the Indians, whether living in this country or on visit, will SPIT on it when they see it. Its place is only the “coolie colony” called India where most people are as cowards as their “great” leader Gandhi.

Since many call him the “Father of Pakistan” it will be most appropriate to see his statues in Dhaka and Islamabad, instead.

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