Date: 10/08/2014

Will Rahul Gandhi Stay With the Issue?

Rahul Gandhi’s observation that innumerable communal conflicts occurring in UP, in the wake of BJP assuming power in the centre, is itself fraught with creating communal disharmony. From the pattern of these wide spread incidents, any sensible citizen can presume that these are not stray or isolated incidents, but engineered by forces other than local communalists. Rahul Gandhi has reasons to believe or doubt as to who are the elements behind these riots. He should not hesitate to disclose the same, however his tendency to immediately blame the ruling party (BJP) in the centre was unwarranted.

The past records of violent political activities and communal riots in UP indicate that all political parties, both national and local, have been indulging in communal politics, so as to create law and order situation. The present situation also needs to be viewed vis-a vis the actions taken by the state government to prevent such communal riots. However the record doesn’t speak well of the Samajwadi party and its government. The leadership of such political parties should embark on the mission of controlling the rank and file of their party cadre from indulging in such social unrest. In any case Rahul Gandhi’s vague statement, as to who is responsible for the unrest in UP, creates unwanted fear, suspicion and mistrust among ordinary people. He should have only stated at this stage that these series of incidents deserved to be viewed and tackled with a gravity that demands and must be thoroughly probed . Hope Rahul will stay with the issue till its logical conclusion.


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Why Gandhi statues?

The question is co-related to another, “Why Partition?” Now we see these in another light, “Why Hitler is a “four letter” word in Germany?” And, “Why all the Stalin statues have been removed or smashed?”

It does not take a genius to guess the reason. One world is stagnant, static, passive, sinking and stinking. The other is dynamic, changing, moving and evolving. One world belongs to the COWARDS who cannot even defend their own daughters from predators nor defend or recover their territory. The other is of the BRAVE, the DARING.

Can’t we see the light of logic and reason that only the cowards adore and worship LEADERS who are similarly cowards? That again is an unfortunate situation since a cowardly leader cannot infuse courage in his cowardly following.

THE RESULT: Practically on daily basis we get the news of a BJP activist assassinated, a Mandir in West Bengal desecrated, a Jawan BEHEADED at cease fire line, and a Hindu girl abducted, raped and converted.

In the Gandhian nation of cowards these are not alarming news but the “way of life”, the routine. The Supreme Commander does not even miss his banquet. The half dead world of Gandhi moves on. The nation has distanced itself from the likes of Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji, NETAJI and even Field Marshal Sam Manckshaw because it will “offend” the Italians and the Muslims!

Such a nation cannot even celebrate General Hari Singh Nalwa who defeated the Afghans and captured KHYBER PASS as if putting HIS statue in front of the Lok Sabha in New Delhi will trigger civil war. That strategic Pass, marking India’s frontier, was captured with supreme courage, guts and daring but surrendered unconditionally in ONE SECOND when Nehru stood up on the rampart of Red Fort, Delhi, and saw the glimpse of his freedom- his own freedom to wipe out the word “HINDU” in Constitution so that by some magic the tiger and the goat become one and the same thing, so that people go out of their way to sing, “Ishwar Allah tero Naam,” eat Iftar to appease their sworn enemies who dream of re-creating the Islamic Republic of Hindusthan, and chant “Hindu Muslim Bhai!”, trembling in trousers, wishing our top leaders, the goats, to take to “Samjhauta Express” to touch the feet of the rebellious Nawab in Lahore instead of looking at them as a traitor and wild beast in human form whose dream is the diet is our land, girls and gold, instead of prevailing upon them, overwhelming them.

Two British ministers on visit to Bharat last month (July 2014) expressed the desire to see a Gandhi statue near Parliament House in London where the world sees the statues of brave men, heroes and men of courage who inspire and encourage the onlookers and make them objects of admiration, make them respect and admire the brave British people who won victory in both World Wars without a cease fire. To put a Gandhi statue alongside is to invite RIDICULE of the world and convey the most despicable impression of the Hindu nation beholden to the emaciated man in loin cloth (LangoTi) for demoralisation instead of encouragement, standing in total contrast to the Kirpan carrying Sikh passer by, and the brave Rajput not wearing glass bangles.

Perhaps the proposed statue will not be complete without two virgins, one on either side, helping the “man” stand upright. O yes, quite appropriate!

Next to this trio they could put another statue, of the “baboon” that has stopped the government machinery in its tracks and frozen all reforms, who stands with extended hands as if saying, “If you wish me to find your file then put money in my hand.”

Curious American tourists will ask, Who is this guy who seems to need the ambulance to take him to hospital for resuscitation? An embarrassed Bharatiya Hindu standing beside him will say, “HE IS THE FATHER OF PAKISTAN.”

“Mananiya Modi ji, please beware of the Western trap to endear the nation to Gandhi in perpetuity, and make Bharat heel and kneel like a dog. Please suggest the statue of Swami Vivekananda, instead, to earn everyone’s respect. You are the prime minister of Hindusthan. So be a proud Hindu, not stoop down to adore & admire a secular goat. Throw his pictures and photos out of Lok Sabha as an irrelevant relic of our dark past. We don’t have to tell the world, “Our Hindu nation is a paper tiger, eternally coward and appeasing!”

Please change the Constitution and all school syllabus. There should be something in our system that will make it a REFLEX ACTION to reject an Italian imposter, an autocratic political witch, a Bofors Chor, and the Mafia instantly, and honour and project Hindu MANHOOD and WOMANHOOD to our own youth and the coming generations of Hindus. Thanks and regards.”

-Appeal from all the Rajputs whose great great grandmothers committed JOHAR to defend their honour and dignity.