Date: 11/08/2014

Who is SONIA GANDHI? (Every Indian Should Know This )
> There is officially no Sonia Gandhi.
> Her real name in passport is neither Gandhi nor Sonia. Its
> Hedvige Antonia Albina Moina. Sonia is a Russian name and
> not Italian. However, Antonia is an Italian name and her
> passport is Italian. Though she has married Rajiv Gandhi*
> she never accepted change of title officially. (recall the
> time of turmoil in Indian politics when Sonia Gandhi was
> trying to be the prime minister, but ultimately Man Mohan
> Singh became her toy)
*Rajiv Gandhi: Actually Rajiv Khan
> being the son of Firoz Khan and Indira Priyadarshani. Gandhi
> is an assumed title to sentimentally lure Indians for their
> political benefit. They are Muslims by
> religion.
> Father:
> Stefano Eugene Maino is socially the
> father of Sonia. Her father was a German (Hitler鈥檚 army). When Hitler鈥檚 army went to Russia they were
> captured and imprisoned. He was captured near St. Pittsburgh
> and was imprisoned for 20 years. But he became a member of
> KGB and his imprisonment was limited to 4 years. When he
> came back from prison he gave Russian name to his daughters.
> Social father because when she was born her father was in
> jail for 4 years. Biological father is
> unconfirmed.
> > Mother: Paula Maino.
>> Family: She had 2 sisters in Orbassano,
> Italy
> Birthplace: Sonia claims she was
> born in Besano, near Turin in Italy. However, as per her
> birth certificate, She is actually born is Luciana, in the
> borders of Switzerland. A resort town for German soldiers
> during war.
> Education:
> She initially put forward to Indian
> Govt. that she studied in Cambridge University which proved
> to be fake. She submitted an affidavit that she studied
> English in Bell Education trust at Cambridge. Even this was
> proven to be fake and was found she never got any education
> after class five. She was a young girl with no formal
> education living five years in England. How did she support
> her livelihood for 5 years? Any wild guesses?
> Citizenship:
> She has not given off her Italian
> citizenship. Indira Gandhi used her power to issue her an
> Indian Citizenship so that she can join Indian politics. She
> is holding an illegal citizenship in India. No action is
> being taken by Home Minister.
>> Religion: Christianity.
> > Bank Balance:
> Rajiv Gandhi and his family owned 2
> billion USD in Swiss Bank as of November,1991. Beneficiary
> of death of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was Sonia
> Gandhi.
>> Family: Sonia's sister Alexandria(or
> Anuska) has 2 shops in Italy selling antiques stolen from
> India. Sonia used her power to smuggle Indian artifacts
> through Air India flights uninspected.
>> Sonia's son Rahul Gandhi, whose
> real name is Raul Vinci. He got admitted to Harvard in quota
> but was thrown off soon because he was incompetent. He has
> Italian citizenship since his mother never gave up her
> citizenship. He cannot officially become the citizen of
> India or any politician in India as long as he does not give
> up his Italian citizenship. Arrested in Boston airport for
> carrying 160,000 dollars cash, accompanied by Veronique
> (Spanish). Veronique is the daughter of Drug mafia
> leader.

> (Rahul Gandhi ) has also been
> accused for gang raping ( Sukanya Devi ) whose petition to
> all courts in India have been rejected due to their
> political hold and the whereabouts of the family is unknown.
> However, the information is widely available
> online