Date: 15/08/2014

1. The demoralisation and dehumanisation of the Indian Armed forces started with the independence when Nehru denied the one week Gen.Cariappa asked for before declaring cease fire so that Indian Army already chasing the Pak invaders, could drive them fully out of the international borders. Kashmir problem would have never started then. It was Nehru's blunder No.1.

2. The 1962 Chinese aggression and the fiasco in which our soldiers in thousands died due to lack of proper arms and clothes in the Snow clad hills, the inebriated Gen.Kaul- Nehru's kin preventing opening of the armoury in spite of the reports o Chinese rushing down the mountains in thousands forcing a NCO to snatch the keys from him, open the armoury and distribute the weapons to the army. His blunder No.2

3. The disgrace shown to Gen.Manekshaw, the architect of the 1971 war that created Bangladesh, and the unconditional release of over 90,000 POW-s of Pakistan by Indira Gandhi without any quid pro quo on solving the Kashmir issue are further deliberate negligence by Indira Gandhi.

4. Rajiv Gandhi wanted due representation from all States and recruitments by inducements were made of non-racial races like trading and farming communities that led to the front-line fighters to run away and abandon the posts.

5. The valour and shrewd moves that won the 1965 war using vintage Gnats and Vampires vs. Sabre Jets of Pak. or WWII vintage Centurions vs. Patton Tanks was possible by the daring soldiers of the defence forces esp. at Khemkaran and Chicken neck operations. A hara-kiri pilot Menon who turned away from the formation and plunged into Sargodha airport disabling the facilities crippling the same and Pak fighters could not take off for days together

5. Wherever the Indian forces won the war, the Politicians neutralised the same by being fooled by our enemies. Shastri was murdered after Tashkent signing, by the Muslims cook of Nehru appointee Ambassador at Moscow, another Kaul, and the cook accompanied Ayub Khan to Pakistan. Was Kaul aware of the conspiracy and was Indira Gandhi was behind this murder as she never showed any grief and told the grieving Lalitha Shatri asking for post-mortem of the bluish body- take away the body for cremation!!

6. There is a stealth programme to emasculate the entire Sikh Community by free distribution of drugs from Pakistan. It is reported that drug addiction is a major problem in Punjab with many villages reporting majority of drug users that has affected the economy of the State.

7. To add insult to injury, Sonia had ordered unrestricted entry and unlimited stay of missionaries entering Maoist infested areas and their baggages allowed free into the jungles- many carrying arms and ammunition and funds for conversion of tribals.

8. With highly corrupt Generals taking charge since two decades and the Defence Ministry bureaucracy playing the main role in purchases of billions of $ and Sonia invariably taken into confidence on decisions, the status of defence preparedness of the Country has reached a new low, requiring emergent measures to rectify these.

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The worst gift of Gandhi was the "BOYCOTT" or CONDEMNATION of the martial communities who had acquired fighting skills and qualities after centuries of fierce resistance against the Muslim invaders.

Particularly his hatred of the SIKHS, the people who always carry swords for the defence of our "territory, temples and daughters", continued throughout the 67 years of Dynasty's iron hold over Bharat and culminated in the manipulated and malicious attack on our holiest shrine in Amritsar in June 1984 that alienated a large section of the Sikhs from loyalty to Bharat under "Hindu bashing" evil "Gandhis".

Once a fine fighting machine and mainstay of the Indian Army the Sikhs were forced to "lick their wounds" and pushed into collective despair & depression.

It is only due to lack of journalism and courage that the full story of ruthless Government oppression in East Punjab during 1980's and 1990's, when it was difficult to see a young Sikh in countryside, is not being exposed. Instead, the dirty dynasty cultivated the vicious Muslims as their "vote bank" and ideological allies.

Such a policy was bound to encourage the Muslims, despite Partition, and discourage the native Hindus turning them into "hijdas". As a result Hindu "Shakti" today is no deterrent to the Muslim rascals who openly abduct and convert our "vulnerable secular" Hindus and our daughters, threaten civil war if the SRI RAM TEMPLE, our national pride, is re-constructed in Ayodhya, and openly terrorise the Hindus in Kashmir, Kerala and West Bengal. Bapu Gandhi is directly responsible for suppressing Hindu manhood and discouraging the Hindu youth from standing up to aggression and the bullies.

We have mentioned the degradation and discouragement of our men in uniform, who were special target of Gandhi. The neglect and treatment of the Army is another story that needs to be researched and brought out to public knowledge in full. There has been lack of equipment, serious shortage of officers and much corruption in higher ranks as among the bogus "Gandhis" themselves.

We should recall the disaster of 1962 in NEFA and Kashmir, and the displeasure on Field Marshal Maneckshaw, the most illustrious man in uniform of his time. No government minister, not even the useless Supreme Commander, came to attend his funeral!

The reason? He refused to play the sarkari fiddle and refused to act as a mercenary. It is said that when Nehru's autocratic daughter Indira Gandhi (MAIMOONA BEGUM after conversion to Islam at her Nikah to Feroze KHAN of Allahabad) asked him to "cease fire" in East Pakistan, just as her father had done in Kashmir, he refused point blank and said, "Bibi, don't expect this High Treason from me! My men will fight till UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of the enemy." That is when Indira and her despicable stooges in high places swore to avenge this slight of the "Empress" of Hindusthan.

Maneckshaw was totally against the very idea of attacking own people in 1984 and the Tamils, of Indian origin, living in Northern Sri Lanka. They were wiped out in the most brutal manner with the support and encouragement of, none else but, the Government of Bharat under AXIS POWERS (Alliance of Dynasty, Congress & Islam).

There is no example of such BETRAYAL in history. But betrayal was key note of Congress policy right from the day of Partition. Gandhi left it all to Nehru, including the Constitution that neither mentioned PARTITION nor the HINDUS!

When POWER came to the Indians, Gandhi went disoriented and simply went on chanting "Ishwar Allah tero Naam" till put to eternal silence. In nutshell, he benefited the Muslims and destroyed the Hindus along with our cherished "Akhand" Bharat. Only a slave colony could adore him and put up his statues all over and still go on asserting that "he got us Independence!" without mentioning Netaji Bose, the INA, the mutiny of Indian Navy in Mumbai** or Bhagat Singh Shaheed!

In short, his teachings and obsolete philosophy that was encouraging all the enemies of Bharat and the former invaders and champions of separation like the Muslims proved disastrous in the end.

What would Gandhi have advised the brave Hindu Rajput women at Chitod who were about to light the flames for JOHAR? He would said, "SURRENDER TO SULTAN, EMBRACE ISLAM AND LIVE IN LUXURY!" (

And his advice to those who wished to save Calcutta (now Kolkata) from Japanese occupation was, "LIE DOWN IN FRONT OF THEIR TANKS TILL THEIR CONSCIENCE FORCES THEM TO TURN BACK!"

With his assassination by a brave Maratha patriot , Nathu Ram Godse, our betrayed, defeated and partitioned BHARAT entered a new era with the promise of a true "SON OF SOIL", Narendra Modi, at some future date.

Only now with Shri Modi in the top chair the situation will change radically in favour of the NATIVES- for the first time in a thousand years.

** Please see the patriotic event that Gandhi strongly DISPROVED OF:

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Also, it was Gandhi, who sang his anthem of Ishwar Allah Tero Naam,
but he did so at selected places, particularly at non-Muslim places of

Could he dare do so at a Dargah/Mosque?