Date: 18/08/2014


Thank you for this light on the Yazidis. You are right, they are as ancient as Hinduism and "related" to us, but in SECULAR "jackal" called HIndusthan no one will dare to stretch the hand out, to help them. Most of the billion Hindus on earth may never have even heard of them at all.

We will see the US Air Force bombing their killers and the RAF providing supplies, and we already see 200 trucks with Russian aid for the besieged Russian minority in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine, but not a DONKEY CART from Bharat to help the perishing Yazidis, or to reach out to the Sikhs fleeing the terror of Taliban in Afghanistan or the wretched Hindus from Srinagar who are waiting to get back to their homes SINCE 1989, or to Hindus from Sindh who are served with the notice to return to the ISLAMIC "killing grounds" after the expiry of their visa to Bharat "Maata" (Mother India).

Sad story. Yesterday (1947) it was our Hindusthan with neck stretched under the Sword of Mohammed of Mecca, like Guru Tegh Bahadurji in 1674, and today it is the Yazidis of Iraq.

There are also the PAGANS of Lithuania who dream of going to embrace "Mother" India but they are discouraged by hefty unaffordable visa fee and freezing cold attitude of the baboo(n)s, still loyal to "Rashtramata" Sonia from the Land of Pope, and all the ruling and fooling establishment under her AWE. Would she like the Yazidis and the Pagans of Lithuania and even the Hindus of Hindusthan to survive?

NO!, not unless we all convert to her Catholic religion. And what about the secular "Indian" Muslims like the ex Supreme Commander of Hindusthan, Shri Abdul Kalam, who will praise our Scriptures, vegetarian diet, swear by secularism, and love the Hindus' "way of life" to NO END but reject the very idea of declaring, "I am a Hindu!" Has any Mahatma, Pandit, Priest or Swamy in Hindusthan commended our HINDU religion, even in utmost polite terms, to him, or to Shrimati Sonia Maino, who is sitting on the mountain of Indian WEALTH?

We see the ray of light in Narendra Modi and also see the mountain of Hindu apathy, inertia, lethargy and neutrality that needs to be removed first. The new government must attend to this long negleced aspect (conviction & pride in our NATIVE religions) fast so that our "glass eyed" GANDHIAN nation begins to see the wolves among the sheep.

That is our TOP PRIORITY after serving the notice "QUIT INDIA!" on the Italian born President of All-India Congress Party, the Party that should have been wiped out on the day when Nehru came back after signing the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Mohter India in 1947.

Hindusthan desperately needs another WARRIOR King like Shivaji, Bismark or Churchill who could throw the gauntlet to all our FOES- at home and abroad, and turn the half dead secular "cow" into a dynamic, energetic, brave and roaring LION.

Only then will our blessed land of "devis and devtas" offer sanctuary to all the PAGANS, YAZIDIS AND GYPSIES being pursued to death by the bloodthirsty followers of Mohammed of Mecca who are killing the Yazidis, raping their girls and selling their women, as in the savage old Dark Ages. Today the world is in 2014!

18 Aug 14.

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Date: Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 5:40 AM
Subject: Fw: Yezidis in Iraq

Last one week we have been reading a lot about Yezidis a minority in Iraq fleeing to mountain top , being murdered etc , had been reading about their background - if time permit at least see the first 10min of the video in the website below (website give full account of this community ) , they worship sun god , 7 angels first of whom is referred to gods son (they correlate him to lord Muruga in India ) ,peacock is worshiped as an angel , Snake is also worshiped .All correlate to Muruga . They also pray to sun god three times a day . Lot of resemblance to our culture .Lets pray for their well being.