Date: 18/08/2014

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To keep the Kashmiri Hindus in exile and that too in a miserable life is a continuous terrorists attack

To keep the Kashmiri Hindus in exile and that too in a miserable life is a continuous terrorist attack

The problems of Kashmiri Hindus, and the negligence of Farukh, Omar, Kashmiri Muslim leaders and Nehruvian Congi leaders at the Central Government and in the state are known to every body.
Surprisingly, long back, in a discussion on a TV channel, where there also a Kashmiri Hindu taking part, he too supporting the independence of Kashmir from India.

Leave that point aside, the due importance is not given by the aforesaid leaders to the misery of Kashmiri Hindus.

But there are some questions. It is desirable and people would be happy if some convincing answers would be given. This is only for avoiding, mismatch of opinion on the issue and solution of those who have real sympathy towards Hindus of Kashmir.

What is Panun Pandit?
Is it not that they are all Hindus and by caste they are all Brahmins?
What is the purpose of identifying and pinpointing Brahmins, from the Kashmiri Hindus (including Sikhs) by naming your organisation as Panun Pundits?

Were there only Brahmins among Hindus who had been picked up for massacre and terrorising?
Even if the number of Brahmins, as you have named them as Panun, is 99.9%, why should your organisation should be termed as Panun Pandit?

Why it is necessary to point out this? It is only because “Panun Pundit” may give a message to rest of Hindus in rest of India and also to some non-Brahmins that your organisation is fighting for Brahmins only. Not only this, but it is restricting the goal of the organisation based on caste.
It is learnt that the Kashmri Muslim leaders including all those I have categorized as above, are hypocrite and have purposely neglected the misery of Kashmiri Hindus. However none of the electronic media (TV Channels) and the print media has given due importance to the miseries of Kashmiri Hindus. Surprisingly the Hindus of Jammu are not that much active to the extent they are supposed to be active.

Kashmiri Hindus are living a miserable life (as residing in tents) since 25 years after a big cool heartedly executed carnage by Muslims, they had allowed and accepted by Nehruvian Congress lead government of center to conduct polls. This was highly objectionable. Under the Indian constitution the elections cannot be conducted in a state having no normalcy. If 300000-700000 persons are sacked out from the state then how a situation can be termed as normal?

The Kashmiri Hindus are discriminated right from 1947 as you say. But the significant negligence might have commenced from the year when Sheikh Abdullah took over Kashmir. The discrimination would have been remarkable from 1972 or say 1980. The discrimination had the scope to reach to an extent where it can be termed as terrorism. This reached to massacre in 1989.

It has been reported that some families, on an advice of some political leaders tried to go back to their home. These were severely troubled. You people are now not ready to take the risk. But if a separate portion is allotted for reinstatement of Hindus in Kashmir then only you are ready to go back to Kashmir.

This suggestion and the said desire has been indicated in some of the articles. At the first instant it looks nice and amicable. But it can give rise to many questions/problems in future.
If the driven out Hindus (I like to avoid the word Panun Pundit), are resettled in a separate land piece of Kashmir, then it would give a wrong and misleading message. This message would be;
Kashmiri Leaders have open heart on the point of rehabilitation of the Hindus and are ready for the solution on the point of resettlement. It was only Hindu community of Kashmir who was not ready to have a solution.

The desertion of Hindus from the Muslim minority by Muslims is the right of Muslims, because this has been accepted by the Hindus and Hindu leaders with Muslim leaders with mutual understanding in the matter of Hindus of Kashmir.

In rest of India also there are many areas where in some pockets Muslims are in majority and Hindus are in minority. The above mentioned solution will instigate Muslims to make the Hindus exile if not agreed to get converted to Islam. Muslims have very big and unending desire and dreams for Islam.

If Muslims can play such role and become successful, the Christians are not far behind. They are already active on conversion of Hindus in tribal areas. Such action is not impossible for them provided vote bank politics prevails.

What should be the solution?
The Kashmiri Hindu Organisation should fight and spread it in the rest part of India. There is a blackout on Kashmiri Hindus misery in the media of rest of India and the media abroad.
Remove Article 370. Retired Military men can be allotted employment in the vicinity of Hindus. Some pockets within cities and villages, should be acquired for Hindus and military men.
It is said that the whole of Muslim community is against Hindus in Kashmir and also in India.
But it should be bear in mind that Muslims are also humans. They first need food, employment and shelter.

If these requirements are met with, 95 percent strength of the secessionists would be reduced. More or less most atmosphere is the product of vested interest of secessionist politicians. They should either be killed or should be put to jail much before they are prosecuted.
I will give you one example;

This Nehruvian Congress had won 140 seats out of 164 seats in Assembly elections in 1972. But due to their internal politics, bad performance and corruption, in 193-1974, there was a flood against Nehruvian Congress in Gujarat. The agitation was so much furious that the Cong MLAs were forcibly asked to resign. However most of them had not resigned. But all the opposition MLAs had resigned.
At the center, Nehruvian Cong (Indira), was ruling with huge majority. Despite of all these, the state government had to resign. Ultimately the Assembly was dissolved. So you could judge that how much strong public agitation would had been prevailed in Gujarat, where a well established Assembly of a well established party had resigned.

In the re-election the Nehruvian Cong was not supposed to get even a single seat. But during the re-election of Gujarat State Assembly there was a time gap of one year. During this period the Nehruvian Cong had played caste-religion-card. The Janata Front leaders off course defeated the Nehruvian Congress. But the victory of Janata Front was a marginal victory.
This proves that the normal mass is least interested in politics. The mind can be changed by changing the atmosphere.

Muslims are talking a lot of Islam, Jehad and Shariat, only when they are politically strong.
Hindus are broad minded by their culture, tradition and inheritance. Some time this broad mindedness becomes out of proportion and reaches to the stupidity.

The Kashmiri Hindus might be having very high opinion about Nehru, Indira and other Nehruvian progeny as they were Kashmir Brahmins.

But we at least Gujarati and many others do not recognize them as Brahmin. They were crook and scoundrels.