Date: 23/08/2014

British.though they did their damage to India with loot, left India though broken into pieces forming Pakistan, and 562 princely states, they still had foresight to advise Nehru to keep Tibet as a buffer state. As long as they had the possession of their crown jewel they also kept Afghanistan as another buffer state. And north eastern states of India, Assam, Nagaland , Mizoram were intact free of any turmoil. And thanks to Sardar Patel, he undid potential catastrophe of further fragmentation of India by merging all princely states into Indian Union.

Nehru bumbling of J&K is too well known to be recalled again. Tragedy to India further compounded by allowing Christian missionaries, evangelists unlimited access to NE parts of India by Congress govt led by Nehru. British did not do that. Actually in few instances they took care by preventing excesses advocated by Christian missionaries. The love and peace missionaries engaged in conversion business which went briskly after British left, through aid of western intelligence agencies to begin with, subsequently the tab was also picked up by China when Christian Converts in Nagaland raised insurrection against India. Like mosques in Kashmir, plans for attacks emanated from pulpits of Churches in Nagaland. The missionary outfits got so arrogant , in a public meeting when President Rajendra Prasad gently suggested that service should be done without expecting return in conversions, he was right away repudiated with missionary emphasizing conversions will go on unabated.

As if these are not enough, Nehru's daughter ended up creating trouble where none existed before. She handled Punjab , amazingly she converted that sword arm of India, populated by most patriotic citizens of India into another Nagaland, another fertile ground for insurrection. It may be recalled that Rani Guidello , revered as Queen of Nagas when they remained Hindu, was such a fierce patriot fighting against colonialism, British placed a reward on her head. Assam is another example of man made tragedy which was also patriotic place but got converted into place of rebellion, bloodshed because of vote bank politics that allowed unrestrained access to Moslem infiltrators from E Pakistan subsequently Islamic Republic of Bangladesh. Both secular parties, Congress and Communists were responsible for facilitating this infiltration. Congress governments in Haryana, Communists in Kerala also carved out mini Paki territories by cobbling up Moslem majority districts in Mewat (Haryana) and Malappuram (Kerala).

As a result of all these maneuvers indulged by ' me or my party first' short sighted politicians to day India has to cope with needless suffering of people in all the above areas making free Indians refugees in their own land. Here is a latest instance in this regard.
Local school safe haven for over 400 families in violence-torn Golaghat

Why such innocents should suffer while scions of architects of India's woes along with crooked politicians revel in tons of black money stashed all over the world ? They do not even spare a rupee to help the suffering people. If they have, the media would have blared to us from their outlets endlessly. So it is safe to assume not a dime is moved out off shore banks to bring relief to long suffering people of India, pundits from Kashmir, Sikhs in Delhi, villagers in Assam , victims of Naga Christians and victims in W Bengal of Moslem infiltrators and so on. Let us hope that there will be no further additions to this refugee population, internally displaced persons as they are called in international parlance , from Telangana whose CM is taking a survey of numbers of Andhra people left behind in Telangana, another creation of same Congress of Gandhi-Nehru tradition.

Still India is not bereft of patriotic people . You see them, derided as communal, for instance RSS often before any one else like in Uttarkhand reaching the area to lend a helping hand. Actually there are myriad of such organizations , not as big but nevertheless doing yeoman service because for them it is always India first. Yato Dharmah, tato Jayah. Such patriots and nationalists will triumph.