Date: 25/08/2014

It is UPSETTING to see a MUSLIM, Maroof Raza, the editor of our Fauji magazine, unless the name pertains to a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Jew. (One will have to stretch his imagination to the north pole to think that "Maroof Raza" is a Hindu!)

Can a "fauji fraternity" in Partitioned India be so demoralised, stupid and secular, as to trust the ENEMY with a military magazine? What are the generals telling their Jawans?

Under Congress + Dynasty, people of Bharat have forgotten even the DEFINITION of "India".

The Act of Partition, 1947, defined the sub continent as follows:- "For the INDIAN Muslims the homeland will be Pakistan and for "The Rest" the homeland will be Bharat!"

The one and the only one fool, "BROKEN BHARAT" is the object of contempt & ridicule in both Pakistan and BogusDesh. Only a Hindu nation can sit at the feet of another SECURITY RISK, Sonia Maino of Italian "Mafia", and feel safe!

Now it will be a MUSLIM editor of "Fauji India" who will gather all the grievances of service and ex service men and women, and any other secret information, and pass on the key points to PAKISTAN. What will any Muslim prefer? KAFIRS or fellow MUSLIMS?

Has Bharat given leave to commonsense and the weight of entire history?

Once Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali, Poet Laureate Mohammed Iqbal and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, too, held Indian passports and were our FELLOW CITIZENS and Bapu Gandhi told us, "They are your "brothers"!

No wonder our military could not recover North Kashmir and our PARTITIONED India holds world record in SLAVERY. The mere presence of the enemy in our midst seems so harmless as to flatter and thrill us immensely. But the REALITY CHECK will show us that it is like the thrill of goats seeing a tiger sitting among them!

Now let us look around to see if a Hindu, Jew or Sikh can be the editor of a FAUJI MAGAZINE in Pakistan or Bangladesh, even if he was born in Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Dhaka or Sylhet!

Our view:
Eternal VIGILENCE is the price of liberty. Don't go OFF GUARD even for a moment so long as India remains PARTITIONED, as defined above. Nehru was fond of Edwina Mountbatten and Gandhi regarded Malana Abul Kalam as his "brother". But when they both (Nehru and Gandhi) opened their eyes after a brief siesta they found five provinces of India "gone" from the map of their Akhand Bharat.

Sixty-six years on, we are the same as in the years before the forced surrenders of vast territories and the Great Exodus (STAMPEDE)


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Dear Veterans and Brother Officers,

The preview edition of FAUJI INDIA Magazine in print has been launched on 23rd July 2014.

We have finally come up with a united voice of veterans and serving sainiks for the first time in India in print media.

The blog is live and you can see the full magazine running in 80 pages at –faujimagazine.blogspot.in

It is time that you contribute to make this magazine a strong platform so that we can highlight and take the message concerning faujis to powers-to-be and make the fraternity well informed and connected.

I request you all to come forward and take annual subscription to make this initiative go forward

Subscription details are mentioned in the magazine’s print and online edition. FYI the annual subscription is just Rs 1000 for 12 issues and the cover price would be Rs 100/copy.

You can send your feedback and your subscription details after bank transfer to: faujimagazine@gmail.com | to speak to us call Mob: +91 98200 01918


Maroof Raza




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