Date: 26/08/2014

With regard to the tragic news below, of a soldier's death on front, our comment is as follows:

It is often forgotten by the passive, non violent, Hindus, with apathy towards martial life, that the savage and concerted attack on the integrity of Bharat was NOT an isolated incident but the CONTINUATION of the "thousand-year" war by the separatist INTOLERANT followers of MOHAMMED of Mecca who wrote the "Manual of Ideology & Warfare" to provide the eternal source of inspiration & guidance to the Muslims living across the world.

That Manual is called the Koran. Due to total brainwashing and conditioning it is mandatory to follow the instructions and directions in it literally. Any Muslim who dares to defy or deny the Will of Koran is liable to be killed for apostasy.

In our case although we have had first hand direct experience of Muslims as invaders and fellow citizens going back 1300 years, NONE has tried to discover the true nature of Islam with regard to Non Muslims.

The last major attack in 1947 was most ferocious and damaging in the entire history of Bharat. When did our Hindusthan surrender one third of her territory to a Mohammed in eternity and without any fight or resistance?

The most disturbing aspect of that attack was that it was by EXTERNAL ideology but by INTERNAL people. It was by the so-called "indigenous" Muslims who were following an EXTERNAL ideology.

Therefore, it is sheer commonsense as well as logic, that the Muslims, INCLUDING THOSE BORN IN BHARAT, will always be our enemies because they are 100% loyal to this Book written in Arabic by Mohammed in Arabia.

What stands proven is the fact that the Believers in Koran and Mohammed will be perpetually at WAR with us, the Non Muslims. Our CONTEMPT for crude & brute (macho) Islam is such that we, like the YAZIDIS of Irak, will rather DIE than recite the Kalma!

"Partition" accompanied by mutilation of India in 1947 was the "cease fire" as in Kashmir but NOT the PERMANENT PEACE.

There are similar instances in history, for example, the 100 years' war in Europe that had many cease fires and intervals of peace in between. East and West Germany ended the conflict only in 1989 and North Korea and South Korea have yet to sign the Treaty of Peace. Russia and Japan ended the WAR formally only recently.

The situation in Bharat is identical but with a major difference that the Hindu-Muslim "WAR", in its active and DORMANT (tacit) phases, will last till the word "KAFIR" is deleted from the Koran. The brute with the sword defines himself as "Momin" but the rest of the world as "Kafir"!

The challenge before mankind is to civilise, educate or ELIMINATE the brute.

Bharat and Pakistan cannot sign the Treaty of Final Peace till Kashmir dispute is settled. And finally, we have yet to sign the agreement of permanent peace with the Muslims of India who do not know whether they belong to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or India!

Sadly, we do not have leaders with genuine courage and patriotism, nor with a clear vision into the past and the future. Take Barrister ("Bandit") NEHRU! He regarded Partition as 'one off' event in our history but failed to notice, leave aside, POINT OUT to the fact that since the arrival of Islam in 712 AD there has NEVER been peace in Bharat. When did a Muslim say in public, "Hindus are our brothers!"?

As per Law of Ideology, "Those who ignore historic blunders of great magnitude (like "Partition") and derive no lesson from them, but FORGET them, are doomed to die." Thus all the Hindus in the "Rest of India" are in peril.

Now let us look at the latest victim in this "thousand year" WAR. He is Sepoy Rahul Kumar of Grenadier Guards who was killed two days ago, defending the "dharti" and daughters of our sleepy thankless "Gandhian" Hindu nation.

Bharat has the post of Supreme Commander. This man has two roles: (1) as the Civilian head he is called the President and (2) as the Military head he is called the Supreme Commander.

What did we expect this Supreme Commander to do when the news of Sepoy Rahul's martyrdom came? Here truth and reality fall totally apart.

The Truth is that the Supreme Commander ought to RELATE to the young soldier as a father to son. He ought to go himself to attend the funeral of this soldier or send a Brigadier or General to represent him on the occasion. The President's letter of Condolence was to be accompanied by a cheque to help and comfort the bereaved family.

But if this man is like the Mogul Emperor or the British Viceroy the native soldier is no more than a mercenary. For all the Supreme Commanders swearing loyalty to (Nehru) Dynasty or Congress Party the worth of a Hindu soldier is that of a fly, or at best a mercenary. One cabinet minister is reported to have said, "So what? He was paid to die!"

How is it that the nation does NOT expect the Supreme Commander to miss a meal on hearing of the death of a soldier? BRAVE & HONOURABLE nations put the Supreme Commander on the pyre, or in the grave, next to the dead soldier.
Below: The picture of Sepoy Rahul Kumar of elite Grenadier Guards who was martyred on Sunday the 24th August 2014 in Kupwara District of J&K while involved in an anti-insurgency operation against Paki terrorists. What a sad loss of a ONLY 22 years old young man.

May his soul live in eternal peace.

PS: I can't hide my feelings: AACHEE DIN KAB AYEGA?