Date: 26/08/2014

A very valued EMail attached from xxxxxxxx. A wake up call to all Hindus/Sikhs and to remain alert 24+7 from LOVE JIHADS or else we lose our daughters. It is not only in India but in USA and UK also Hindus/Sikhs are the targets of LOVE JIHADS by bloody Musalmans.

Don't tell me later, that, I did not warn you.

Date: 26 August 2014 14:49
Subject: Terror on different modes. Torture, deception, cruelty, cheating, sin,intolerance and brutality. Be aware and keep away from such devices in totality.

In a recent event an Hindu girl got trapped and married unknowingly to a suspected Pakistani boy belonging to a family with assumed Hindu/Sikh identity in Ranchi. This boy in all likely hood appears to be an ISI person from Pakistan. These agents generally trap and influence important people in India and use them to advance their hidden agenda.

This boy trapped this poor beautiful Hindu girl and then tortured and beat her, inflicted injuries, denied her food and water and tried his best to force his non-Hindu religion on her. He and his family tried their best to pressurize this child into conversion by intimidation and third degree torture.

The boy's mother too had assumed Hindu name and are reportedly quite influential in higher circles. The boy who looks much older in age solemnized marriage according to Hindu rites but then subsequently disclosed himself belonging to a different faith. This kind of coercion can not take place without official backing and support of fellow co-coreligionists in high positions.

This helpless fatherless girl must be helped financially and morally for her freedom and guilty must be punished besides their targeted cultivated links. The guilty family members are absconding and must be brought to justice to use criminal force against the girl who is a national level shooter. The girl has told that she was forcibly married to the boy against her will to accept ....accept....accept....accept three times.

Such occurrences are not uncommon and are happening regularly.

Regular meetings are being organized in gulf countries which are frequented by intellectuals and monitor the progress of agenda for India as there is no dirth of money which are being specially kept apart for such purposes.

There are many Pakistanis in India who are well entrenched here and flourishing under assumed names for anti social, nefarious activities.