Date: 30/08/2014

"There are certain countries with which you can never have peace or friendship." (see e-mail below). Let us discover the reason!

For Hindu-Muslim question we need to look at it in the "KAFIR-MOMIN" light.

A self-righteous savage puts himself a hundred notches higher in ideological superiority while looking at the Hindu, craving for acceptance & equality with wagging tail, with contempt. In the background there are two different scenarios.

One is aware of the Mogul (Islamic) RULE over Bharat for centuries. The FOOL thinks he is emperors Babur and Aurangzeb.

The other is aware of his humiliation, the degradation of defeat and SLAVERY. The FOOL thinks that appeasement, reconciliation, "samjhauta" and "Ahimsa PARMO Dharma" are the only way forward in order to "buy" permanent peace.

Despite scholarship, spirituality, divinity and morality, Hindu LEADERS (cabinet ministers) are seen entering the Arab's tent in the intellectual desert to "eat his dates and drink his camel's milk". Millions of PROUD Hindus feel disgust, helpless and frustrated. Among them are all the readers of this e-mail.

The second thing we need to understand is that the KORAN to each and every Muslim is literally the "WORD OF GOD", and in that book a pig, a dog, a Jew and a Hindu are the same - loathsome.

See how they treat the Hindus from East Bengal to I.S. in Irak where they are the majority!

Sadly, we only see, and see, but draw NO deductions, conclusions or lessons. We just see and pass time, years and centuries- just "seeing"!

The reality is bitter and so is the Muslim view of Hindu and the "Akhand Bharat" (unity with the Infidel).

Isn't it too much, expecting / asking of a Muslim to treat us at par with him in his mind and Constitution?

The Indian Muslim is, therefore, most awkward and ill-at-ease on simplest issues: Repealing of Article 370 of Constutution; re-construction of the historic Temple in Ayodhya; RE-UNIFICATION (Akhand Bharat that was "killed" on August 15, 1947); living under ONE law for all, and so on.

Before 1947 the BEST HINDU BRAINS were at pains to dissuade the Indian Muslims from their demand for separation. Today, as if having seen, heard and experienced NOTHING, similar top Hindu brains are again CHASING THE SAME SHADOW, the dream of Kafir-Momin unity!

Before such UNITY can come about we will have to see the deletion of the word "Kafir" in the KORAN. It condemns us (non Muslims) to a very derogatory and INFERIOR spot in a Muslim's psyche.

In the political and ideological VACUUM that we have created for ouselves, we can compare Zakir Naik's zeal & oratory with our own leaders' who do not understand that in the "thousand-year" war, 1947 was only a battle that went badly wrong for us like the one in NEFA in 1962.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
The End of Track-2 Brokers

There are certain countries with which you can never have peace or friendship. The objective simply has to be to avoid a major military conflict. The recent act of GOI calling off the Secretary level talks with Pakistan is a very welcome one. In January 2013 I wrote the post “No friendship with barbarians” after our Jawans were killed and their bodies mutilated. Pakistan is a country with no honour. I do not see any difference between the ISIS and Pakistan except that the latter’s army wears better clothes. And maybe some Pakis also speak English. I just have to repeat what I wrote at the end of that post:

“I have stated before and say it again; peace with Pakistan is NOT possible. We need not wage war but there is no way a nation from which many have promised a 1000-year Jihad against India can ever be true friends. This is like expecting Iran to become a friend of Israel. Not happening! This sucking up to and molly-coddling Pakistan is just another feature of ‘Muslim vote-bank’ politics by our govt and nothing more. As far as our national interest is concerned Pak has nothing to offer; not even a small safety pin. For all our genuine gestures of goodwill we have only got barbaric acts in return. It’s time to dump this charade”.

Our media tends to forget the past and keep pressing for bogus dialogues with Pak. The reason for this is simple: The process will never reach a clear conclusion but some of our media crooks and some activists get to line their pockets and be beneficiaries of luxury junkets at the goodwill of their Pak masters. When Narendra Modi took over as PM he extended a goodwill gesture to all SAARC Heads and invited them to his swearing-in ceremony. This was extended to Nawaz Sharif too.

That gesture was blindly being read by many in the media as a thaw in relations. A goodwill gesture needs to be reciprocated. India agreed to secretary level talks scheduled on August 25. Instead of reciprocating the goodwill gesture the Pak envoy chose to organise a meeting with Kashmiri separatists on August 18 and 19. The Hurriyat and other separatists in Kashmir are being encouraged by Pak and this is clearly an unnecessary hindrance and hurdle. The Congress started kicking and screaming about it as did our media. They all screamed it was a bad gesture by Pakistan on the eve of scheduled talks. This is not the first time. Former Pak minister Hina Rabbani Khar also met the separatists on her official visit to India in 2011. How the Congis responded to the border-killings in January 2013 can be seen in the tweets of Barkha Dutt and a response to her. Do note the man in charge then was Salman Khurshid who said about the killings “we will absorb, we will analyse” and then take up the matter with Pakistan. The Congis did nothing. One of their ministers (Shashi Tharoor) was moderating a debate between Pak and Indian journalists the next day on “Track-2” diplomacy. So what is out-of-job Salman Khurshid doing now? Here’s the answer:

So this Salman Khurshid who was impotent as the External Affairs Minister realised he could do more with a bunch of media crooks and political pimps in a self-styled “Track-2” diplomacy effort. There’s Barkha Dutt, Sudheendra Kulkarni, Dileep Padgaonkar, Ved Pratap Vaidik (who also met Hafiz Saeed), Salman Khurshid and not in the picture is S. Varadarajan aka Varadabhai. The trip was organised by none other than Manishankar Aiyar, the automated filth generator. So while the Kashmiri separatists want Kashmir to break from India and/or accede to Pakistan these “Track-2” guys are no different from them. They too meet former Pak military personnel and assorted India-haters, who have connections with the ISI, with a mission unknown to the world. Dileep Padgaonkar, the Intellectual Moron, has also played a long innings for Ghulam Nabi Fai, another ISI funded crook. Some of these guys are now lecturing the Modi govt on how to deal with Pak. They are nothing more than brokers who earn their money from both parties to a deal. Why would they want peace? Do these brokers really think they are really helping any cause or are out to do any good? They just like the junkets, luxurious hotels (and other cash or incentives in kind?) in return for peddling the Pak line of dialogue. Varadabhai and another one called Shammy Baweja are upset that the GOI called of the talks over the Pak envoy fiddling with the separatists. Any surprise?

These guys don’t want the govt to work its own way through the troublesome relationship with Pakistan. They want their will to be imposed. The culture of alleged journalists playing the role of brokers and interlocutors started around 1999 and graduated under the Sonia Gandhi govt. It was a govt where NGOs, lobbyists and brokers decided more policies than the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. The change in govt is increasingly making them volatile and angry. Their brokerage and pimping business has come to a grinding halt. On one hand the Modi govt is not offering juicy titbits and gossip to the dead-beat hangers-on. Access journalism has taken a beating. And on the other, Modi doesn’t give two hoots to what the MSM says or thinks. He is quite aware they are irrelevant to the national discourse because people don’t trust the MSM anymore for honest discourse. Almost every observer knows there many prominent media celebs who are “useful idiots” for Pakistan and other anti-national forces. The grapevine is sometimes more reliable than the news and Delhi circles do get a feel of this as this snippet indicates:

The IB knows what observers in the public domain already know. People on Social Media know who these Pak agents in our media are. It has become all too obvious. Some of the spokies and separatists who appeared on Timesnow have their kids studying abroad. One has to wonder where they get all their money from. I don’t think the Kashmiris are fond of these separatists and are pouring money into their coffers. These separatists do not find any acceptance in elections either. So where do they get all their money from? Your guess is as good as mine. The only place they frequently find friends and sympathy is on NDTV and with Barkha Dutt. There cannot and should not be any talks with Pakistan till such time terrorism stops completely. There must be at least a period of one full year without any terrorism or LOC violations. Knowing Pakistan as we do, they cannot survive one month without violating such conditions. An independent writer puts it as bluntly as anyone can do:

Whether it is the separatists or the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits I am quite sure that Narendra Modi will act on it in due course. There are many problems India faces and Pakistan need not be anywhere on our priorities. That failed state has nothing to offer to us. They can keep meeting these separatists and the Track-2 brokers and jokers. We now have a govt we can trust to prioritise national interest than pandering to the interests of these brokers or mollycoddling Pakistan. There is a PM who makes the decisions not some puppet on a string. Pakistan too will get that message sooner than later..............