Date: 26/03/2013

You are quite right.
The FATAL BLUNDER took place in 1947 and we all know the TRAITORS among us. But we are different and could not do to NEHRU what the Italians did to MUSSOLINI.

Hindus and Sikhs have seen the brutality of MUSLIMS for centuries. The Christians are seeing it in Pakistan right now. Only the other day hundreds of Christian homes in Lahore were destroyed by fires by fanatic Muslim mobs. CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN ARE A VERY SCARED MINORITY LIKE THE HINDUS.

Therefore, the prospect of MUSLIMS OCCUPYING the Rest of India by demography or by the proverbial SWORD OF ISLAM, IS realistic and nightmarish.

If the masses do not grasp the imminent "death sentence" hanging over their heads, then Delhi and Mumbai will go the way of LAHORE and DHAKA. Every temple will resemble the RUINS at Ayodhya and every church, synogogue and Gurdwara will be deserted and derelict.

But if there is some breath (or awareness) left in Lok Sabha, they urgently need to pass LEGISLATION denying the Muslims the voting and citizenship rights. As per Act of Partition 1947, Pakistan was created to be the exclusive homeland of ALL the Indian Muslims.

The other scenario is an all-out CIVIL WAR in which the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Lok Sabha will both GO UP IN FLAMES.

Can we think of any other way out?

27 Mar 13.

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We must use freedom of information act to force goi to disclose 2011 census report. If the Muslim population has indeed increased from 10% in 47 to 25% and probably 40% at birth then we need to know.
If India Iost to a demographic takeover , we will never get it back. =