Date: 30/08/2014

Hindu J&K ka Chief Minister nahin ban sakta
kiyonki Congress ka Janaza nikal jayega!

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Subject: Re: 'Why can't a Hindu be CM in J&K?' Congress minister asks

Isn't this Congress minister speaking the OBVIOUS here? May be, we HINDUS, too, are perennially naive and "Gandhian"!

Imagining a Hindu chief minister in J&K is like imagining Sonia Maino-Gandhi as the President of the ruling Muslim League in Pakistan! Both scenarios are impossible.

"Political correctness aside:" Let us speak the truth:

A Hindu chief minister of J&K will hardly survive a day in the Muslim-majority state.

Please don't try! Try it only if we want to see one MORE Hindu dead in Hindusthan! Wish someone could prove us wrong!

There is a cast iron DIVIDE in the world. Muslim traders, doctors, business tycoons, pregnant females, nurses, burka-clad women and teachers, are all safe in UK, EU, USA and even in Partitioned India, but not one Christian shopkeeper is seen in Kabul!

HOW MANY YAZIDIS do we see living in the newly created Islamic State (I.S.) in IRAK?

Having said this, we do hope that N. Modi will prove a strong MAN who will actually make it possible to see a Hindu chief minister of J&K.

There is also that IRREMOVABLE Article 370 of Constitution and the RUINS of our great Temple in AYODHYA that still point to the fact that there is NO Akhand Bharat any more. These are issues far more important than a Hindu chief minister in Srinagar where Hindus are extinct!

Muslims may be evil personafied but they do have ONE quality: FAITH & FANATICISM- and UNITY when they see a Hindu.
PS: Hindu LEADERS ought to be first class and world class.

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'Why canít a Hindu be CM in J&K?' Congress minister asks
Sanjay Khajuria,TNN | Aug 21, 2014

READ MORE Sham Lal Sharma|J&K CM|Hindu CM|Congess MinisterWhy can t Jammu and Kashmir have Hindu CM, asks Cong minister Why canít Jammu and Kashmir have Hindu CM, asks Cong ministerRELATED
Why canít Jammu and Kashmir have Hindu CM, asks Cong minister
Pakistan violates ceasefire in Poonch, Omar Abdullah questions timing Violations along LoC must stop, Arun Jaitley says Circular on Hindi was issued by UPA govt, we only re-issued it: Govt JAMMU: A minister in the NC-Congress coalition government in Jammu & Kashmir has done what the Congress usually accuses the BJP of doing, playing to the Hindu right wing gallery.

Addressing a Youth Congress workers 'sadhbhavana' rally to mark the birth anniversary of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at Akhnoor town, senior Congress leader and minister for public health engineering (PHE), irrigation and flood control, Sham Lal Sharma asked, "If Ghani Khan Choudhary could become chief minister of Hindu majority West Bengal and Abdul Rehman Antuley of Maharashtra where Muslim population is merely two percent, why can't a Hindu lead Jammu Kashmir and become chief minister of our state?"

Since 1947, Jammu & Kashmir, the only Muslim majority state in India, has only had Muslim chief ministers.

Amid big applaud from the crowd, the minister on Wednesday also cited the example of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and four Muslim Presidents of India, who belonged to the minority community but rose to the top positions in the country.

"If our approach is secular and we don't discriminate with anyone on the basis of religion, then what is the problem if a minority Hindu leads the Muslim majority Jammu & Kashmir?" he asked."You must fight for a Hindu chief minister for the state. You should also raise your voice for a regional council for Jammu region," he asserted.

This was not for the first time when Sham Lal Sharma flared up regional passions. But to use the Hindu religious card in politics is unprecedented in the history of the Congress in Jammu & Kashmir.

Sham Lal also expressed his resentment over meagre representation of Jammuites in the government and asked how Jammu region could get justice when out of 7000 employees in the state civil secretariat, only 200 belonged to Jammu.

Reiterating formation of regional councils to end alleged regional discrimination with Jammu and Ladakh, the minister said, "Regional council to Jammu and sub-regional councils to Poonch-Rajouri, Chenab Region and North Kashmir, comprising Kupwara, Bandipora and Baramulla will end the uncertainty as well as ensure equitable development of all areas of the state."

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre, he questioned Modi's silence over the recent ceasefire violations along India-Pakistan border and asked the Prime Minister and defence minister Arun Jaitley to explain their stand.

In November 2010, Sharma had created a political furor by advocating 'azadi' (secession) for Kashmir, separate statehood for Jammu and union territory status for Ladakh.

Sham Lal Sharma Congress minister Sham Lal Sharma.