Date: 30/08/2014

One thing does come out that present news emerging in media are not without basis and have an agenda.

Let's NOT get in to any debate on the subject but remain alert if happenings are true.


By Ram Kumar Ohri

Enclosed herewith please find a highly topical article written by Shri Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (retd) I.G./Arunachal Pradesh highlighting the falsehood of dumb Hindu leaders and media regarding the pernicious Islamic game plan called Love Jihad the existence of which is being denied by far left media and spineless Hindu leaders.

Also attached is a Power Point Presentation circulated by the World Sikh Alliance on Internet nearly 4 years ago which loudly speaks about depredations of Love jihad in the U.K. The Power Point Presentation is an eye opener.

Of late, the issue of “Love-Jihad” in India has assumed an alarming proportion.

Here is one informative quote from the article which details the magnitude of the problem and gives the number of Hindu and Christian girls seduced by Muslim boys in love jihad with a mean, malicious, mendacious and insidious design to convert them to Islam.

“The survey revealed that the number of girls missing from Kerala was 2127 in 2006 and 2560 in 2008. The police is said to have no information in respect of nearly 600 girls out of a total of 4,687 girls trapped in two successive years by love-jihadists. It is only dumb Hindu leaders and “possibly paid media analysts” who are trying to rescue the fundamentalist fraudsters!”