Date: 01/09/2014


I was 18 then and having finished my education and won the right to vote, I stepped into the wider world to look and learn.

In those days my country was a colony and if today most people do not know what that means, let me explain.

In a colony the natives live in an occupied country. The occupiers come from outside and use force to make slaves of the freedom loving natives. People are divided into two kinds, natives and foreigners. It is just like Momin and Kafir as mentioned in the Koran.
The former are superior but the latter become inferior, to be worked to death and driven to desperation in slavery. It is interesting to note that the slaves, over the years, do learn to submit, adore and admire the foreigners and hate their own kind seen as the wretched, helpless, fellow sufferers.

On reflection I realized that the foreigners come to loot, plunder, rape- and convert, that in short is LPRC.

To end resistance to LPRC the natives are forcibly brainwashed and conditioned to accept, adjust, appease and accommodate. That is FOUR A’s. For peace and harmony in the slave (coolie) colony LPRC and AAAA have to match. If the slavery lasts a long time the match becomes inseparable, unbreakable, perfect and ingrained. It becomes automatic like reflex action.

The famous FAKIR, the guiding light of slaves, was the example of perfect match. He was intelligent and before even I opened my mouth, looking at his brief loin cloth, he explained.

“Son, we were a peaceful lot, minding our own business, never crossed the border to do wrong to the others. God has given us all the bounties, rivers, mountains, corn, fruits and mines full of iron, copper, silver, gold and diamonds. In comparison the rest of the world was barren wilderness, jungle or desert, with the starving hordes killing one another for food. It was natural for them to cast their eyes on our riches. So they did, and came.

“The first time they came we resisted fiercely but they came again, pressed by their own poverty. We beat them back again but they came again. We fought according to laws of humanity and let the defeated escape. They fought according to the laws of Devil and beheaded all the defeated soldiers and took their wives and daughters for sex- and they reproduced rapidly.

“And through Conversion by force (“Islam or DEATH!”), and through natural births they increased their numbers rapidly, becoming ever so many- and formidable.

“In the end we were left with no choice. Our land was occupied from one end to the other. We had also experienced something tragic right from the beginning.

“A young man was walking with his newly married bride. The foreigner (Devil) saw her beauty and grabbed her. The husband who resisted was beheaded. In another instance two foreigners saw a large well-built house and ordered the residents to get out and hand over the keys. At another place a man was asked to hand over the ring on his finger and on refusal had his hand chopped off. His wife was told to give her gold necklace and bangles. She promptly did that, shaking with terror.

“We soon realized that as humans our perceptions were radically different. For us they were fellow humans like “brothers and sisters”, but for them we were like the sheep, goats and chickens. We would regret wounding one of them but they laughed and danced over our mutilated dead bodies.

“It was impossible for us to see ourselves through their eyes. We kept trusting them and kept dying and perishing. Yes, we kept dying and perishing. As their numbers increased ours decreased. They felt great and we felt crestfallen, humiliated and demoralised. Our territory shrank while theirs increased.”
At last I could wait no longer and asked the 64-dollar question. “Why don’t you dress up decently?”
He replied promptly. “You should have known the answer from what I have just told you. But I will explain.” He continued,

“In our wretched state of existence under the devils’ rule, we coined theories for survival. Some of us could pay a special tax for our protection from molestation, and the abduction and rape of our wives and daughters. The rest of us decided to give up all worldly possessions.
“The devils could not rob us if we possessed nothing. This was the theory, adopted by all of us, the theory of “TYAAG” (Renunciation) and to give up without regret or remorse we coined the corollary, “MAAYA”, that translates as, “life and all possessions and relations are unreal, like a dream.”

“But the ultimate quintessence of all our oriental wisdom came down as “AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA”. It commended absolute non violence. We were never to raise our arms, not even to defend our “dharti” (land), mandirs (temples) and daughters.

“We learnt to LOOK AWAY when our friends, neighbours and relatives were butchered before our eyes, our temples razed to ground and our daughters abducted and gang-raped. And every tree, creature and sod of earth whispered into our ears, “FORGET & FORGIVE, if you want to live!”
“Accordingly, you will not see any memorial service in a temple or gurdwara, nor a monument erected to our dead anywhere.

“All the time I see my people being subjugated to LPRC and we cannot do a thing. So I want to influence them by my own example, urging them to possess nothing, dress like me and use the only “weapon available to us, “fasting to death”, to save our lives.

“What they wish to grab, we “tyaag”, that is, surrender, thus preventing friction and discord.”
FAKIR concluded convincingly, “What can they loot if we possess nothing? I wear nothing except this loin cloth, a pair of bent spectacles and dirt cheap wooden sandals. No one has robbed me of anything.”

I saw the wisdom of FAKIR and understood why he had never “provoked” the Devils (foreign masters who prayed in foreign languages) by mentioning Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Rana Sangha, Rani of Jhansi, Gen Hari Singh Nalwa, or Guru Gobind Singhji, not even the battle of Sri Lanka fought by Sri Rama, and Kurukshetra where Sri Krishna spoke.

FAKIR was master of craft. He gathered a huge following among his scared and terrified fellow Hindus. They regarded him their holy safety plug. They even called him “Mahatma”!

I made another discovery, “FAKIR was even more popular with our foreign masters, tormentors, looters and occupiers! He saved their skin from the freedom loving Subhash Chandra Bose and all the warrior Rajputs, Marathas, Jats, Sikhs and Tamils, till Destiny of Hindusthan caught up with him on Tees January, 1948. (Destiny of Hindusthan struck again on two more occasions: once on 31 October 1984 and again on 21 May 1991).

Any person with elementary intelligence will be shocked to see a road, building or school named after Gandhi, or his statue in 2014.

Today Bharat is free for the first time under “Son of Soil” Narendra Modi. Gandhi, the reminder of our dark era of slavery is GONE. His was a product of the terrifying wretched bygone era of our degradation and slavery. He was the man that matched the life in 1869, and fitted perfectly well with the subsequent era of slavery.

What he stood for, said, and did, was the biggest comfort to all our enemies. “Come, ye Foreigners,” cried our enslaved Motherland, “Come, ye Foreigners, Looters and MAFIA from every continent on earth. Come and occupy the soft target “Bharat”. Rule the land, Air & Sea, and BASH the Hindus. There will be NO resistance under the holy grail (TRISHUL) of Gandhi: “MAYA, TYAAG and AHIMSA”.

To the Hindus living in free Bharat under Narendra Modi today we say this: “Bapu Gandhi stood under the Sword of Mohammed, looking into the barrel of British GUN. He was the emaciated product of Bharat’s slavery. He must be consigned to history.

We ought to realize that the “Father of Nation” got into that terrible situation because we did not UNITE to throw the enemies OUT- one from the Middle East, the other from Europe.

Now that one enemy has gone to Pakistan and the other to England and Italy, there is absolutely NO need to cling to “well-past-the-date” Gandhi and continue to sit in his shadow of TERROR.

Let us unite and stand up to LIBERATE our souls and psyche, and declare “HINDU RASHTRA” unless we want him back again. Real Freedom is not only political but mental, spiritual and ideological. We must not delay or hesitate any more, but GO for it!