Date: 01/09/2014


Our heartfelt condolences to slain BJP leader and his family. He is not alone in meeting such a fate of being hacked to death. Even though police in Kerala provide a story of provocation and retaliation in this incidence in Kerala, exactly in same way, i.e. getting hold of BJP leaders, Workers and Hindu activists and then hacking them to pieces some time right in busy market places and in day light , happened in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra , Saharanpur and Kerala etc.

There is a pattern , it will be a folly to write them off due to some local quarrel . There may not be an outfit named Islamic State in India , but what is in name ? With different names the same actions of ISIS are being perpetrated even
now, even after a full-fledged Islamic State was carved out of India .

Police in states are under the thumb of local politicians and ruling political parties. It is hard for them even if they are honest to bring to justice real culprits and unravel widespread conspiracy against Hindu activists.

We have seen this in Mujaffarnagar when the police did their duty honestly, promptly arrested Moslem attackers , over night they were released, police officials got transferred and Hindu relatives of victims were arrested.

Hence in US when ever such crimes happen, terrorist , anti-religious or hate crimes, FBI steps in. In India it is not so. When bombs went off in Bombay synchronized in 13 places in March 1993, it was treated as some simple act of crime, two gangsters, one Hindu and one Moslem were arrested. And local police were investigating, perhaps park police and boy scouts were busy, and then CM saw to it CBI(India's FBI) came in only after a month. During the interval all suspects including Dawood Ibrahim reached safety of Karachi some say going in official vehicles to air ports which were kept open until they left . These incidents of BJP workers being hacked all over India may not be as spectacular as those bombings, nevertheless implications are no less serious. Hence deserve highest level investigation and apprehension of suspects by central authorities far removed from local political manipulation.

Finally we have to realize much ballyhooed pluralism and democracy in India exist only due to sacrifices of people like the slain BJP leader in Kerala, other wise India would have been turned into another extension of Pakistan. We cannot pay enough homage for them. May Siva bless them and their families.


P.S:Kannur is strong hold of CPI M but due to rising awareness of its corruption and failures on all fronts is making the public disenchanted and move away from it. Moslem league, the same league that partitioned India is an ally off and on with CPI M. It was CPI , M was not there then, and its CM , Namboodripad who carved out Malappuram, Moslem majority district, another mini Pakistan, in Kerala. BJP and RSS are opposed to all such anti-national actions. Hence continuing attacks on them. Hope people use the coming elections as an opportunity and vote out CPI M and its allies, reducing its clout further.

Kerala: BJP leader hacked to death, party calls for statewide bandh

Sep 01, 2014 at 11:40pm IST

#kerala #kerala bjp#amit shah #kannur#cpm #manoj #murderKannur: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called a statewide bandh in Kerala on Tuesday. The move came after a district leader of the party was hacked to death allegedly by CPM cadres in the Kannur district.
Manoj, the Kannur BJP leader, was an accused in the CPM leader P Jayarajan attack case. Police suspect the attack on Manoj may be an act of revenge.
"There seems to be a pattern in Kerala where RSS cadres are being targeted by the CPM cardes. I hope the authorities will take required action in this case," party leader Nalin Kohli said.The attack came on a day when BJP president Amit Shah was present in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram. Shah condemned the killing.
"Nearly 250 BJP workers have been murdered in Kerala. We will fight this legally and we will bring it before the people of Kerala," he said.
The police have registered a case and investigations are underway.
Kerala: BJP leader hacked to death, party calls for statewide bandh
The attack came on a day when BJP president Amit Shah was present in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram.