Date: 08/09/2014

Esteemed writer, all what you wrote so passionately is right and unarguable except the following paragraph:
As you are aware the Indian position on Kashmir is well established ie that it is an integral part of India and so is the Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the Siachin Glacier.
Here the world, not only the British Parliament, is confused as to why there is Article 370 in Constitution IF KASHMIR IS INTEGRAL PART OF BHARAT like West Bengal and East Punjab! Please give them the answer if you have any.

The world, as well as the British Parliament, are ALSO confused as to why India's top HINDU leaders went along effortlessly and smoothly like the MEEK SHEEP THROUGH THE ABATTOIR (without protest, fight or putting forward a single condition!) with Partition on the sole criterion of RELIGION, yet insist on betrayed "Secularism" when it comes to Kashmir.

Now the fact is that the MUSLIMS in Kashmir are not the docile "rabbits" like the Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka and the Sikhs in East Punjab who could be SILENCED by bullets. The world knows well that Government of India will go a mile to appease and please the Muslims since nowhere on earth is a MAJORITY weaker than a MINORITY as is the case with our Bharat. The world celebrates VICTORY & CONQUEST, not DEFEAT & SURRENDER (as WE do on August 15 every year).

After we consign Gandhi's statues, busts and statuettes to the DUSTBIN of history the world will respect us, notice us and listen to us. We may act the fool or clown, adoring and worshipping Gandhi well past the "use by" date, but the world knows that timid Gandhi at Partition was the anguished "dark cry from the past". He was not the promise of our golden future, safety or Akhand Bharat, but our worst LIABILITY- definitely not an asset.

Even today in the Prime Minister's office brave patriots (and the whole world) notice the bust of "Bapu" Gandhi at the back! It is a clear sign that India politically is as weak and "remote from reality" today as she was in 712, 1192 and 1947 AD.

To impress the foreigners (including all the Italian Mafia and the "second nation") and to INSPIRE the natives (the timid majority community) at home, our dear PM has to REPLACE Gandhi's bust with that of Shivaji or Gen Hari Singh Nalwa (who captured Khyber Pass after defeating the wild Afghans).

The world ought to see in our Bharat a MAN with Sword drawn, on horseback (like the ubiquitous national hero of Lithuania), but NOT the one sleeping naked all night with a virgin on either side!

At least ONE MP or cabinet minister (for example, the Defence Minister), ought to have pointed this out unless all are still the same "rabbits & jackals" as before!

The British Parliament will discuss Kashmir despite our protests. The bleating of a thousand lambs cannot match the roar of one lion.

The world sees two parties contesting for land- one advancing with DAGGER in hand and "Allah hu Akbar" in mouth, the other with loin cloth to cover his shame and "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" (appease and surrender) on his trembling lips.

We wish to hurt nobody's feelings if the "Truth is Bitter", or the "King is Naked".

The Hindu nation cannot retain Kashmir (5% Hindus) if they could not retain LAHORE (75% Hindus) unless someone stands up like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji, Maharana Pratap or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, to give us a LEAD, to turn the tables.

The Hindus in Bharat have NO other way out except "takht ya takhta" when we are expected to defend our territory (land). There can be NO compromise with evil, starting with "Partition"!


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Dear Members of Parliament

I have been informed that there is going to be a debate called by Liberal Democrat MP David Ward regarding Kashmir on 11 September 2014 in Parliament.

The question I would like to ask you all the member of British Parliament is why the UK parliaments wants to debate Kashmir? Should the Indian Parliament discuss Mavinus the Falklands
Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and all the Union Territories still under British Colonial rule?

Pakistan and Bangladesh is the Bastard Child of the British Colonial Divide and Rule Policy. Giving 6% of the then Muslim Population of pre-partition India nearly one third of the land area (excluding Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and leaving a legacy of 25% of the then Muslim population in India in 1947? After the 1948 war Pakistan occupied part of Kashmir and the Siachin Glacier. Large part of that has been given to China. Why? when it is Indian Territory?
A question here how a newly formed state can have such a poweful army to invade India in 1948. History have shown that Lord Mountbatten and the then British Prime Minister has planned all this. They supplied Jinnah women and Alchohol when in Uk planning the devision of India.

Our concern is that Both Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru failed to see what was happening under their nose. Was Nehru bought over or blinded by love that the British diliberately and calculatingly allowing Mountbatten wife to have an affair with Nehru

As you are aware the Indian position on Kashmir is well established ie that it is an integral part of India and so is the Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the Siachin Glacier.

The British, American, China and Saudi Arabia have created trained and funded the terrorist group in Pakistan specifically to destabilize India using the British Bastard Legacy of certain Sunni Muslim In India as conduit to achieve whatever is the intended goal.

The attachment will give to you a true documented history of such colonial hypocrisy and continuing British arrogance of looking inward of their disastrous colonial legacy.
India is the largest democratic country in the world. Pakistan is not a democratic Country. Is is governed by The ISI and the Let.

I do know that British culture always support their Bastard child.

I feel we Indians should now tell those procrastinating the colonial past for political appeasement to be exposed

Majority of Kashmiris want to be part of India including Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

A recent opinion poll found that over 68% of Indian Muslims felt safer under the Modi government than previous governments. Mr Modi himself has visited the state twice already to launch various development projects. His government has demonstrated unprecedented commitment to the economic and social progress of Jammu & Kashmir.

The same should be permitted in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir under International supervision. This the British, American and Wahabhi Saudi Arabia would not want

Prime Minister Modi during his election campaign talked about Hindu/Muslim unity and called upon Pakistan to join India in the real battle for the people of the region - the fight against poverty. This is a fight should be supported by the British Parliament

There are several issues that need to be taken into consideration and they are stated below for your perusal.

One must not forget the systematic ethic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus by terrorists from the Kashmir state over many years. Were should support and look at ways in which their land, culture, and pride as a peace loving people can be restored with dignity. Why the British Parliament not discussing this?

I am sure you will agree that the UK Government and people and all political parties should be doing at this time is to encourage and support the Indian government's efforts to ensure free and fair elections in the state and to welcome the genuinely inclusive economic and social policies of the new Indian government.

I am proud that what is said in the UK parliament matters internationally. Therefore, I like many British Indians are concerned that the Lib Dem sponsored debate will turn into a pure India-bashing show piece, which will do nothing but fuel terrorist groups on the sub-continent. It will be counter productive for UK-India relations, and most importantly it will serve as a reference point for groups who are determined to undermine India's democratic process and economic progress.