Date: 11/09/2014

HINDUSTHAN (Hindu nation) is still a subservient COOLIE colony. Appearance is deceptive. Apparently we have a strong man, "Lion of Gujarat" at the helm of affairs but he is in "SHACKLES".
Yes, our Hindu "warrior" is immobilised (seriously restricted) by TWO sets of shackles.
One set is the post-Partition CONSTITUTION (second High Treason of "Bandit" Jawaharlal Nehru) that makes the "ENEMY equals BROTHER".


The other is the "deep-frozen", lethargic, indolent, corrupt & retrogressive BUREAUCRACY (Baboo Raj) that remains in tact, exercising devastating powers over citizens, despite the change of POLITICAL colour on the top, from the "mongrel" tricolour of old Congress Party to the pristine "Bhagwa" of the new resurgent BJP.

These two "octopuses" of day to day administration, tamed like dogs by the "Hindu bashing" rulers during centuries of Mogul & European Raj and then nearly SEVEN decades of Nehru-Maimoona-Rajiv-Sonia RULE, will take either a century to "thaw" or a REVOLUTION to be eliminated in one day.
If neither is possible in our Hindu "jagat" then we may look at the golden throne in the clouds above and rejoice but weep at the extraordinary powers of the administration (baboos) on ground and weep.

So long as these two "shackles" remain our "LIONS" will be seen performing like rabbits.


Hence Shri Modi, our popular hero, has not been able to show results on the real issues like the status of Muslims after Partition, Article 370, the historic Temple in Ayodhya, repatriation of the huge wealth remitted illegally abroad, repatriation of the "Bogusdeshi" illegal immigrants, and "love jehad", the subject of the email below, that (in your words) has created havoc throughout India. That is just one of the hundred havocs our dear Bharat is exposed to.

11 Sep 14.
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Love Jihad’ has created havoc throughout India. Newspapers are giving us a daily dose of cheating incidents in the name of Love Jihad taking place in different states. Hindu girls are ensnared in love-dragnet by the Muslim youths, converted, tortured and sometimes sold to the Arab Shaikhs as slave. Hindu girls are considered by the Muslims as a machine of procreation and increasing their population. Love Jihad originated in Kerala and then spread throughout the country like wild fire. We are going to study this burning issue in detail serially.

Two college girls in the Pattanamthitta District disappeared suddenly. Since there was no cooperation from the Police for investigation into this incident, the parents of both the girls filed a petition in the Kerala High Court. Taking cognizance of the petition, the court ordered the Police to produce the girls before the court. Two Muslims Shahenshah and Sirajuddin were arrested in this case. The girls who were ensnared in the love-dragnet of these Muslim youth were also brought to the court and handed over to their parents. The girls told the court that these two Muslims cheated them and took them to one Islamic centre for conversion. Considering the seriousness of the issue, the court ordered the DGP Jacob Punnoso to submit a report to of the High Court judge after conducting a detailed inquiry into the matter.

While giving his verdict on the report submitted by the DGP to the Kerala High Court with regards to ‘Love Jihad’, Justice KT Shankaran said on 17.12.2009, “As per this report, a campaign of forcible conversions in the name of love is going on in the State from 1996. This confirms that ‘Love Jihad’ does exist in Kerala. This report also mentions that ‘Islamic popular Front’ and its student wing (Campus Front) are active in these planned activities of conversions. It is also clear from this report that Islamic conversion centres have been established in Kozhikode District. Although Constitution has provided equal rights to all religions, the faith on one’s own religion should not be used to convert someone forcibly. The State Government should pass an act to prevent the college campus from becoming a den of conversion and against forcible conversions in the State”.

(To be continued)

(Reference : Book ‘Love Jihad’; Publisher : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti)