Chinese Deepaavali in BHARAT

Date: 13/09/2014

Chinese Deepaavali
Please see the difference: Japanese GOVERNMENT is pro public. So is the CHINESE. But the Indian government (up to May last, at least!) was the ENEMY of public (Does one need to explain how?).

Fact is that the Indians can produce better goods at cheaper prices but look at the OBSTACLES thrown by our own rotten anti national, "initiative killer" Hindu BASHING "sarkar"! (Does one need to explain how?).

There is a vast difference between the RASHTRAMATA of "cooly colony" India, imported from Italy and the native women honoured by the Chinese and the Japanese.
(Does one need to explain how?).

Due to fear and brainwashing we Indians invariably avoid pointing the accusing finger at our own system that includes the useless onlooker (silent spectator) called the "President", Mafia linked President of the largest political party (a force to reckon with!), from the most corrupt Dynasty, and (the "second nation") Muslims who could not be ousted when 15 million HINDUS were ousted violently (by force) from Pakistan in 1947?

In those two countries "sheep are led by lions" whereas in Bharat "the lions are led by DONKEYS". (Does one need to explain how?).*

(*NB: This applies to PRE Modi Sarkar in Bharat where the top generals gladly accept and salute the biggest SECURITY RISK called SONIA MAINO GANDHI who has yet to deposit the BOFORS commissions in the treasury.

We assure the esteemed writers below that each and every Hindu in Hindusthan is (to quote): "SELF-RESPECTING and SELF-SUPPORTING, and is not only clever, intelligent and enterprising but also PROUD OF OUR DIGNITY!"

But the "detached neutral secular ceremonial" Rashtrapati (under system devised by barrister Nehru & Viceroy Mountbatten), and the "White Elephant" (Rashtramata) brought by "BOFORS CHOR" from Italy, are NOT.(Does one need to explain how?).

When these TWO are eliminated (by new Constitution) Bharat will progress at the rate of "din dugni, raat chugani" ("d" pronounced as "th" in "there"). We give guarantee for that!

In the "achche din" in NEW Bharat ("Hindu Rashtra" under NEW Constitution) China and Japan will IMPORT more from Bharat than at present and "Made in India" will be as trustworthy as "Made in England", "Made in Japan" or "Made in China" today!
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Date: Friday, 12 September, 2014, 17:38
Deepaavali is fast approaching (23.10.2014),

Our country is flooded and seized with Chinese products of all
People tend to buy Chinese made cheaper items such as Lights, pictures of Goddess Lakshmi and other Gods & Goddesses or other decorative items.
Price alone should not be the criteria for our purchases. There is something like Self-respect and honour.Just because something is cheap, are we to encourage our Enemy country? And in the process destroy our own Bharatiya
Think for a while. Let us be true Bharatiya; and purchase only SWADESI products.

We are collectively shelling out around Rs.3,000 crores to the
Chinese, only during Deepavali purchases.
Once America attempted to enter Japanese market with US produced Oranges, Japanese said they were not interested.
Still, the Japan markets were flooded with tons of superior quality Oranges, with throwaway prices, in fact Oranges of such quality were actually not available to Japanese earlier.
But the Japanese did not even look at the Oranges, leave alone purchasing.
The reason cited was that "we will not purchase the products of a country which has atom bombed our country".
Finally, all the shiploads of Oranges were dumped in the sea. Got the point ?!!!!