Date: 13/09/2014


Thank you for your commendable endeavours to bring India up to date. We highly appreciate your work and wish that the ideas generated by you are accepted by the nation.

Just a disagreement when you wrote:

(Given this proud history, British rule was a huge blow and pushed us back by hundreds of years. But sixty five years after the Britishers left, we are nowhere near our potential. There is a severe crisis of confidence in our government machinery, today, despite a mass awakening initiated by civil society over the past few years. Today’s India is not what the heroes of our independence struggle dreamt of. We are less a Republic, more a nation)

You have only mentioned "British rule" but NOT the savage Muslim rule that made the proud natives only load carrying "donkeys", sapping all energy and even destroying the instinct to defend territory or survive. (Please recall EASY walk over called "Partition", that was, in fact, the most humiliating surrender of five provinces without a single condition or referendum!)

Any occupier does not come to benefit the natives who are enslaved. So the British are no different that way, but there were differences, notably,

No Briton converted any Hindu BY FORCE; Never did they shout, "Christianity or DEATH!"

No Briton ADBUCTED & RAPED HINDU FEMALES; No British governor or viceroy "SOLD or AUCTIONED" Hindu females as was common before the British arrived. (They do so even TODAY. See Boko Haram and IS).

No British general massacred the Hindus indiscriminately just because they were Hindus! (Why was small boy Hakikat Rai killed? His only "crime" was being Hindu!)

No Briton destroyed or PLUNDERED a temple;

No Briton banned publishing, reading and propagating any Hindu Scriptures;

No Briton burnt Hindi and Sanskrit BOOKS and literature.

No Briton set fire to whole LIBRARIES in Bharat like the Muslims did. (We know the fate of world's biggest library of the time in Alexandria!)

No Briton claimed that Christ was the LAST Messenger on earth (so that our Guru Nanak Devji became a mere mortal!), though they did claim that he was the ONLT "son of God".

TODAY there are hundreds of thousands of Indians living happier in UK than even in Bharat and NONE HAS GONE TO THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Pakistan or Bangladesh that were PART OF INDIA till 1947. (You may also have noticed the bitter irony that an Indian is happier in England than in India!)

NO British Viceroy ever thought of imposing JAZIA tax on the Hindus "for their protection"!

Though the British were SUPERIOR (any conqueror has to be!) they never used the equivalent of contemptuous and discriminatory word "KAFIR" for the Hindus, or whipped or spat at them because they were non Christians nor did they pass legislation banning a Hindu riding a horse, carrying a sword or dagger in public (our brave, honourable and fiercely patriotic SIKHS are an example!), wearing a white shirt, eating pork or meat that is not "halal"!

We see that "THE BRITISH WERE ANGELS AS COMPARED TO THE DEVILS who raided our "sone ki chidya" coming all the way from their barren dessert called ARABIA, and raided fertile HINDUSTHAN countless times for "gold and girls"!

Without gold a people can still be proud and pious, but without girls the people are "living DEAD"! That's what the Hindus were reduced to (with some decent exceptions) when the British ousted the Muslim marauders and captured India.

The British did come for GOLD but NOT for girls. That would have been FAR WORSE calamity for Hindusthan. Surely ALL the Hindus living in the UK will agree.

So we would suggest that the above paragraph be amended and MUSLIMS entered as the WORST EVIL DOERS on earth. You may also read about the "IS" (Caliphate) in Northern Irak and their treatment of Christians and Yazidis. (All original Hindu are already EXTINCT like dodo as in Pakistan).

You seem to be in tune with the Corrupt Congress Party line that makes a big issue of atrocities by the British like Jallianwala Bagh but NEVER mention the destruction and havoc perpetrated by the MUSLIMS on the Hindus and the countless massacres of TENS OF MILLIONS OF HINDUS during the previous CENTURIES under Muslim rule.

When did corrupt Congress & "dirty" Dynasty ever mention that the honourable British LEFT eventually while the DISHONORABLE "Muck" called MUSLIMS stayed put, to kill the remaining Hindus, too, especially in Kashmir. Why our mental paralysis of putting selective blame on the British for all our evils while leaving the real rascals, the Muslims, OUT?

Finally, if British rule was a "huge blow" to India then the previous MOGUL rule was the DEATH sentence on our AKHAND BHARAT by the Muslim rulers who imposed (Jezia) TAX for our protection on our own territory.