Date: 19/09/2014


In the referendum on whether Scotland wishes to go independent or stay within the United Kingdom the Scots have opted for the latter. It is a wise decision with ramifications across the globe.

All the secessionist, destructive, movements in areas like Kashmir, Chechnya, Katalonia, Basque, Quebec and Eastern Ukraine have been told that “Unity is Strength” and they should contribute to the collective good of their countries in the spirit of sanity, maturity and wisdom.

Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, in particular, should hang their heads in SHAME for having taken a different course from the one taken by the honourable, decent and patriotic Scots.

If their leaders are not out to further impoverish or destroy them they should still apply to come back to form “United India” that is now “Broken Bharat” as a direct result of their High Treason in 1947.

Since Partition of India the credit rating of the Muslims in the whole world has sunk to the lowest level. Individually, and collectively, Islam has come to mean Treason, Jehad, Fraud and Violence.

It is up to them now to dump their restless, separatist, crude and savage “way of life” and join the native Indian (HINDU) mainstream.

The Scottish result ought to move the ‘mind and mentality’ of the leaders in breakaway Islamic republics that were once a part of United (“Akhand”) Bharat when every man lived in peace and every woman was safe.