Date: 20/09/2014

Government INTERFERENCE in Hindu temples is UNACCEPTABLE in view of the facts that;

Jawaharlal NEHRU gave full sovereignty and the highest political power and status to foreign based ISLAM while putting his foot down on (native) HINDU religion. Being partisan and friend of Islam he was ENEMY NO. 1 OF HINDUS.

Nehru's daughter, MAIMOONA BEGUM (who concealed her marriage to a Sunni Muslim and used her name "Indira" fraudulantly) did not commend SECULARISM to Sh. Mujiburrahman when Indian Army had OCCUPIED East Pakistan in 1972 and 90,000 Pak army were in custody. She is believed to have told "brother" Mujiburrahman, "Our Secularism is only for the Hindu serfs and slaves!"

It is relevant to state that it was the moment to recover North Kashmir, too, with utmost ease. But our "political WITCH" was a Musalmanee on top with the heart of Mohammed bin Qasim.

Government of AXIS POWERS (Congress, Dynasty, Islam & "smashed secular" HINDU) elevated the only Muslim majority State (J&K) vide Article 370 of Constitution; provide the Muslims hajj facilities; uses MINORITIES COMMISSION to take care of Muslims and Christians but not of Hindus; and tolerates the illegal MUSLIM infiltration from Bangladesh while expelling the Hindu refugees fleeing Sindh.

This fraudulant anti Hindu "Secular" government never mentions PARTITION, never commemorates the DEAD OF 1947, and does not control fiery provocative and offensive speakers like Zakir Naik and Akbaruddin Oweisi while controlling the affairs of temples (mandirs).

Hindus have been POWERLESS so far and reconciled to their role as "SERVANTS OF SARKAR" while the vicious Muslim minority is once again coming up to the top with regard to POLITICAL power in Partitioned India.

The new BJP government has not acted promptly to recover all the illegal money deposited by crooks and Italian MAFIA in FOREIGN banks so far. Instead, overlooking REALITY and HISTORY our respected prime minister made a statement that "Muslims of India will live and die for our country!" The REALITY is too horrendous to grasp. The INDIAN Muslims who captured one third of Akhand Bharat in 1947 have a dream- to UNITE the three fragments of India into ONE Islamic Republic again.

The BOOK in FOREIGN language that inspired Mohammed bin Qasim in 712 is the SAME that inspired the plane hijackers over America on September 11, 2001, that inspired the Taliban who destroyed the two Buddha statues in Afghanistan and inspires the ISLAMIC STATE in Iraq and the INDIAN Muslims today, including Zakir Naik and Akbaruddin Oweisi, without the alteration of a comma or deletion of the word "Kafir",

So long as this Book is not BANNED or amended, and so long as Pakistan and Bangladesh stay out of Akhand Bharat, the Muslim you see is not only a "DEAD HINDU", but also a potential KILLER of Kafirs.


Let us not have the REPEAT of 712, 1192 and 1947 AD by remaining the same "trusting. sleeping, ignorant and disunited" (damn) FOOLS. The price to pay, in TERRITORY and LIVES, is too heavy and too unbearable.

20 Sep 14.